15 Best Peacock Mehandi Designs With Pictures

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Mehandi designs often feature tribal outlines of animal figures. Peacock is the most beautiful of all Indian birds. Its beauty is attributed mainly to its blue-green feathers. Peacock is a symbol of grace and elegance and is thus an important part of many Indian art designs. It is used excessively in mehandi designs.

Different cultures and styles portray the peacock in different manners and the peacock manages to look breath taking in all of them. The peacock designs include other supplementary shapes and patterns too. However the major focus is generally always the peacock itself. Here are the 15 best peacock mehandi designs for you to choose from.

Best Peacock Mehndi Designs:

1. Peacock Feather Mehendi Design:

peacock mehandi designs

As mentioned earlier most of the peacock’s beauty is due to its fascinating feathers. The feathers have a sort of eye around which different colors artfully arranged. A peacock spreads its feathers when it rains and dances lithely capturing the eyes of anyone happening to pass by. Mehndi designs featuring just a peacock feather are thus excellent to look at. These feathers are also symbolic of the Indian lord Krishna who is always drawn with a peacock feather adorning his head.

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2. Gujarati Peacock Mehndi Design:

Gujarati mehndi designs are generally extravagant and extremely elaborate. May of them feature beautiful peacocks set amidst an array of flowers and leaves. These designs are amazing to look at and difficult to make. However all that effort that is required in perfecting this design is worth the final result.

3. A Peacock With A Woman’s Face Within It:

A Peacock with a womans face within it

Mehndi designs feature images of men and women along with those of animals. An innovative and unique peacock design is one that involves including a women’s face within the body of the peacock. In normal designs the main outline of the peacock’s form is made thick and prominent which is then filled with intricate details. When these details take up the shape of a beautiful woman’s face, it makes the design even more incredible.

4. A Long Simple Peacock:

A simple peacock with its long feathered back stretching along your hand is also a wonderful design. This mehndi design doesn’t include too many supplementary elements and is thus simple and not very cluttered.

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5. A Curled Peacock Mehandi Design:

Peacocks can be made in two manners; either with their magnificent feathers spread behind them or with their feathers curled beneath them. Wither way they are a treat to the eye. A curled up peacock has a curvy face and neck and its body is like a giant oval with a lot of detailing done.

6. A Magnificent Peacock Mehendi Design:

A mehndi design with two to three peacocks, well arranged together on back body, looks magnificent. It can be made large and can even go on your back! The peacocks with a lot of spirals and curves make for an elaborate and complicated design.

7. A Simple Peacock Mehendi Design:

A simple peacock mehandi design along your writs and forearm with a trail of vine leaves upon your hand looks great too. The peacock like usual has a distinct head with a few curls and an artsy eye. The body is an oval like shape with a lot of intricate detailing done within it.

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