9 Best Red Nail Art Designs with Pictures

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Red is such a colour which is very well liked among women of all ages. It has a classy feel to it. Is it for a dress or a nail art or may be a clutch, red can lighten up a girl’s charm? You will love our collection of red nail art designs.

Some of these are simple nail art designs which you can easily try out. Here are our top 9 red nail art designs.

1. Polka Dots Red Nail Art:

You can easily create this kind of a nail art with the combination of two colours via white and red. Paint all your nails with white and one with red or you can ever reserve the design as shown above by painting all the nails in red and one in white. Use contrasting colours like on white use red and on red use white dots with a dotting tool or the back of a toothpick. Let it dry and use a top coat. This is a very easy to do design and you must try it out.

2. Floral Red Nail Art Design:

This nail art can be created using either good quality or print water decals or by using free hand drawing technique with acrylic paints and a nail art brush. A red nail art with floral patterns does look very good. You should definitely try it. Keep nails some nails in red and do not forget to apply a top coat.

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3. Santa’s Hat Nail Art Design:

A nail design for Christmas definitely should contain the colour red as an important element. This is because Santa Clause’s dress and cap are red in colour. You can try creating easy Santa caps on your nails using your nail art brush and dotting tools. Use red and white for the caps. A lovely looking nail art design in red which you can sport this Christmas. Would you give it a try?

4. A Tri Colour Red Nail Art:

You can create this red nail art with 3 different shades of red viz. Light cream, a bit light and lightest red as in pink. Use just your dotting tools to create this pattern. You can apply a matte finish top coat to get rid of the shine if you don’t prefer it or finish off with your regular top coat for a shiny finish.

5. Net Red Nail Art French Tips:

You can create this awesome French tip nail art by using a stamping plate or a piece of net over a glitter red nail polish. You can additionally do a French tip styling of the nails by using black polish for the tips. Cool right?

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