9 Best Rose Flower Rangoli Designs With Pictures

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Flowers are common designs for all sorts of rangolis. They can be added up in any form and they themselves make a shape of pattern for rangolis. Rose is one of the favorite flowers of people and rangolis of rose have become pretty common presently. Today we are talking rangoli designs with rose flowers.

Beautiful Rose Rangoli Designs With Images:

Following are the most famous rose flower rangoli designs with photos for you.

1. Big Rose Rangoli Design With Leaves:

We see a big rose drawn on the pavement of a street. The border line of the leaves had been at first drawn with white rangoli and then it has been followed by a dark shade of green for the outer border of the leaves. On the inside, the leaves were coloured with a lighter green and then the rose was drawn in the middle. The outline was coloured in dark red, the inside had a blend of red and yellow.

2. Bouquet Of Roses Rangoli Design:

The picture shows a bouquet of roses drawn and it includes yellow and red roses along with the green rose leaves. The bouquet also includes small flowers in blue and pink which adds to the beauty of the art. The roses have been outlines with borders, like white for the red and orange for the yellow roses and then they have been colored on the inside. The basket has been coloured with brown and it has got Happy Valentine’s Day written on it. This rose rangoli useful for participating in competition.

3. Rose Rangoli Design With ‘Diyas’ For Diwali:

We have a very simple rose rangoli drawn in the picture above. It includes an open rose petals surrounded with green leaves, which makes it more prominent. There are ‘diyas’ followed above the leaves and they are in pink. There are similar shapes of it in brown and orange just adjacent to the pink ones. You can make this type of rangoli designs of rose flowers with dots.

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4. Different Rose Rangoli Design For Competition:

A big rose has been drawn in the middle and is bordered by green leaves on the exterior. Surrounding the big rose is smaller rose with proper stems and leaves and they are colored in purple, yellow and pink. The stem and leaves of course are all in green and the borderline had been white which can be made out. The entire art was done on the basis of its borderline. This is one of the most popular rose flower rangoli designs with leaves for competitions.

5. Unique Rose Design With 3 Colors:

This is a very unique rose drawn with the help of rangoli colors. There are just three colors used and they are red, yellow and black. They are all shinier than usual and the black base makes the portrait look prettier. The base has been unevenly spread with red and yellow colors, and then a brush has been taken to just make the shaped of the rose on the red side and the stem and leaves on the yellow color.

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