15 Ancient And Latest Sanskrit Tattoo Designs And Meanings

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Sanskrit is one of the most original languages. Almost all of India’s languages have been derived from this prestigious language and there are others too which feature words that originated in it. The Devanagari script in which Sanskrit is written has a beautiful calligraphic flow to it. Like tattoos of words written in Chinese or Japanese look beautiful and enigmatic, tattoos in Sanskrit do too! There are several Hindi words like Om, Shanti, Moksha, Nirvana and so on that are popularly used in the western countries too. These words that almost exude purity, make for excellent tattoos! Besides the words you can include other designs and embellishments to your tattoo too.


Different Styles Of Meaningful Sanskrit Tattoos With Pictures:

The Sanskrit tattoos are not only famous in India but all over the world, especially in American countries. They various curvy fonts make it more attractive with beautiful meaning. Here are the 15 best Sanskrit tattoo designs with images and meanings for men and women that you can avail of.

1. Sanskrit Mother Tattoo Design:


A tattoo with a single word in Hindi and an image behind it is a common yet excellent Sanskrit tattoo designs. The picture helps laymen who don’t have any knowledge of Sanskrit understand its meaning more easily. It also makes the tattoo more attractive and alluring.

2. Peace In Sanskrit Tattoo On Neck:

Peace in Sanskrit is ‘shanti’. It is a common enough word that most people know of its meaning. Even then the Devanagari script manages to make the tattoo look exquisite rather than plain. You can simply write the word shanti once or repeat it thrice as it is done in most Sanskrit hymns and shlokas. If you so wish, you may even add a peace message in Sanskrit. It makes the tattoo more comprehensive.

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3. Hope In Sanskrit Tattoo Design On Wrist:

Hope in Sanskrit is ‘asha’. Written in the Devanagari script, this too makes for an excellent tattoo design. The best part is that it does not just look good but denotes virtuous morals too! This simple tattoo is highly carried out on the wrist or on the neck. This tattoo also gives a inspirational message that one should not lose hope in life, or lose faith on God. This is very beautifully tattooed on wrist which is mostly liked by young girls.

4. Sanskrit Nirvana Tattoo On Ribs:

Nirvana in Sanskrit is a word which means heaven. Its the place where are soul goes after it has died and has attained ‘moksha’, so that it no longer needs to return to the human plane. The word itself has a beautiful feel about it much like the words Eden or ethereal. You can keep this type of Sanskrit tattoos simple or add adornments to it.

5. Circular Om Tattoo Design Of Inscriptions:

Om is the most famous of all Sanskrit words. it is used by meditators all over the world to calm one’s nerves and put one’s soul to ease. It actually refers to the battle cry of Lord Shiva. The word has brought peace to many a men as well as women all over the world. Many Sanskrit hymns begin with this word and thus many tattoo designers take these lines and writing it creatively in a circular fashion, come up with excellent tattoo designs. This is one such example.

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