9 Best Scorpio Tattoo Designs and Meanings

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4. Small Scorpio Symbol Tattoo for Girls:

The simplest tattoo design of all is to get the Scorpio symbol. You can make it complicated and elaborate by adding other details or floral patterns and colour. Either way it serves its purpose well. While the former looks more sophisticated and elegant the latter has a prettier look.

5. A Coy Looking Tattoo of Scorpio Sign Symbol :

There are several modifications that can be made to the typical Scorpio symbol. An innovative idea is to curl up its end like a devil’s tail, adding a bow and making the tip a heart. Keep the entire symbol black except the bow which is red. Overall it looks cute and coy rather than beautiful and mature.

6. A Star Struck Scorpio Tattoo Design:


This design shows the Scorpio embedded within a cluster of stars pouring forth from infinite. It looks beautiful and not necessarily in a feminine way. The design is opted for by both men and women.

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