15 Latest Meaningful Scorpion Tattoo Pictures Designs

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Scorpion is a ferocious and deathly arthropod whose one diabolical sting can end your life with hours of suffering for you to bear. It thus, looks daunting and when tattooed on your skin it is unbelievable! The scorpion also represents the zodiac sign Scorpio and is thus often opted for by those who are born between October 24 and November 22. These people like the animal are supposed to be passionate and loyal and often overly possessive.

scorpion tattoo

Different scorpion tattoo designs symbolize death, life, control, passion, sex, protection, defensiveness etc depending on the choice of the person. The trendy 3D tattoos, the tribal scorpion tattoos are the main attraction for the tattoo lovers today. The scorpion tattoo on neck, shoulder, hand, leg, back, waist etc add to the beauty of the girls where as for boys its boldness and the power to fight.

Cute Scorpion Tattoos and Meanings with Pictures:

Scorpion tattoos can be realistic, artistic or even abstract. There are several hundred variations possible. Here are the 15 best scorpion tattoo designs with pictures and meanings for both men and women.

1. Black Scorpion Tattoo for Girls on Leg:

Scorpion Tattoo Designs 14

This scorpion tattoo design signifies love, passion and admiration of the women. This scorpion tattoo for the mothers marks their deep love for their children, while for other girls its shows passion towards their family and lovers, and admiration towards their friends. This scorpion tattoo can be made using dark black color or red color according to the size and place where it is to be made. The women widely apply this tattoo on their leg, back, waist and hands. They also decorate this tattoo with hearts and flowers which also symbolize deep love.

2. The Sun Scorpion Tattoo on Arm:

Scorpion Tattoo Designs 13

The people of Samaria believe that scorpion also symbolizes the sun. The scorpion man according to them, protect all sacred things which leads to enlightenment, pleasure and ascension. This scorpion tattoo design meaning the sun is highly seen on the arms, back and waist of men who are strong, protecting and pious. It is widely seen on men mostly residing at religious places or who are very fond about religion and are believer of God.

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3. The Fighting Scorpion Tattoos On Sleeves:

Scorpion Tattoo Designs 12

This kind of scorpion tattoo represents the fighting spirit of the person. This tattoo is also known as the tribal scorpion tattoo. This tattoo is inspired by the tribal caste. The design of the tail in this scorpion tattoo symbolizes the preparation of the person to face any situation with utmost strength. This tattoo is widely seen in different parts of South Asia and Africa. Also the people residing in the desert region use this tattoo as most tribal castes used to reside there. This scorpion tattoo design is widely made by men.

4. Amazing Short Hand Scorpion Tattoos:

Scorpion Tattoo Designs 15

The small hand tattoos symbolizes the boldness of the person. It also signifies motivation and inspiration. A power of healing is also associated with this kind of scorpion tattoo designs. This scorpion tattoo design can be applied by both men and women. They are the source of motivation to many and also inspire others by their bold personality. It also looks more attractive when used with different colors. The shading done in this particular tattoo adds to its attraction for men.

5. Attractive Scorpion Tattoo for Girls:

A scorpion coloured in all pink and purple with a girly background behind makes the tattoo more feminine. You can give the scorpion a cartoonish look by adding bright eyes with long lashes and seductive lips. Overall the effect is quite good. The colour and other elements takes away some of the bleakness of a simple scorpion and definitely makes it less scary!

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6. The Scorpio Zodiac Tattoo for Both and Women:

The scorpion is also related to the eighth zodiac sign, the Scorpio. The Scorpio sign symbolizes resistance and struggle. The scorpion tattoo meaning for this tattoo means devoted, love, sensitive and significance. The scorpion tattoo gives a marvelous look when made using dark black color shades. This kind of tattoo when carried by men shows their ability to struggle in life and fight against any difficult condition.

Scorpion Tattoo Designs 11

While for women this tattoo means devoted love for their partners, friends and family. The men carry it on the shoulders or on the arms while women carry it on either the back side or on their waists.

7. Skull and Scorpion Tattoo for Men:

A scorpion crawling out of the eye socket of a skull is an excellent design for a tattoo! By shading it appropriately you can give it a realistic look which makes it ever more daunting! You can add other embellishments to the design like a cigarette or a bottle of alcohol. This scorpion design represents death. The people of Egypt believe that the dead are reborn as half scorpion and half human. This tattoo gives a glance of that message.

8. A Harley Davidson Scorpion Tattoo:

A scorpion with the symbol of the famous brand of motorcycles, namely Harley Davidson is an excellent tattoo. Harley Davidson’s presence completes the rebel look that began with the Scorpion. This type of scorpion tattoos is carried out by the people who are inspired by the people who created history.

Just as Harley Davidson is used in this tattoo you can use the symbol of your favorite role model and create a tattoo. This tattoo symbolizes inspiration. and it is one of the most following Scorpio tattoo designs for men.

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9. Small Scorpion Tattoos on Neck:

A completely black scorpion can vary in size from very small to extremely large. Depending upon its size it can be accommodated on different parts of your body. The form of a scorpion is typical and easy to make. When completely black it looks nothing more than a silhouette. It looks excellent along the side of our neck or upon your wrist or ankle.

10. Stinging Scorpion Tattoo Design on Lower Back:

Scorpion Tattoo Designs 10

This scorpion tattoo design is formed with the design of a scorpion about to sting. This design symbolizes two different parts of a scorpion, that is when it is poisoned and when it is preparing to strike. This tattoo shows the deadly part of the scorpion. It shows the others that you are always ready to face any attack and defeat your foe that is even stronger than you.

11. A Scorpion Fallout Tattoo:

Fallout tattoos give the appearance of a depression upon your skin. They require skillful shading and look excellent once done. A scorpion fallout tattoo design is simply a fallout tattoo in the shape of a Scorpion’s body. Adding cracks upon the surface gives it a more realistic look, making it even more artistic and praiseworthy!

12. A Tribal Scorpion Tattoo Design on Waist:

A tribal abstract Scorpion design looks excellent and serves the purpose of representing all that a typical scorpion symbolizes. Its abstractness makes it less daunting and more appealing. This is a design that will definitely earn you admiring looks.

13. A Scorpio Rose Tattoo for Ladies:

Rose is a typical supplement to Scorpios. It is often added as an extra embellishment to Scorpio tattoos. You may have your rose look delicate and rosy red or you can make the image more daunting by bringing the thorns of the rose in focus. Rose is also the symbol of love and passion. This tattoo can be a gift for the lovers showing the deep love for each other. This design is widely carried out by girls.

14. A Realistic 3D Scorpion Tattoo Design on Left Arm:

A realistic 3d scorpion is a scary looking thing. When made properly it will look like an actual scorpion is crawling upon your skin! You can have it shaded in blacks and greys or give it some more colour. This design is more about the Scorpio’s look than its symbolism.

15. A Black Abstract Scorpion Outline:

If you want to keep your tattoo a simple affair then this design will prove to be a great choice for you. The Scorpio looks artistic and simple as it is nothing but a simple black outline that is made abstract in its form. However the fact that its form is abstract gives it an entirely cool look which makes it perfect for a tattoo.

The scorpion tattoos are rare to see but the ones mentioned above have been the favorite for the trendy teens. If you are looking for a deadly tattoo, these scorpion tattoos are the best to go with.

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