9 Best Silver Nail Art Designs

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Women are beautiful creatures who are always striving for perfection. They want everything to look good and look right. From head to toe, they desire to look neat, classy and attractive. Therefore, they do everything they can to make themselves look fine; including their precious nails. You will always find women getting their pedicures and manicures done daily at the parlour. They always trim and shape them and paint them with exciting colours so that they can look their best no matter where they are. Speaking of nail colour and nail art, women really like to pick from the different designs that nail art offers and some of the popular ones today is the silver nail art. They look pretty, attractive and dazzle under the sun. Here are a few ideas.

Simple Silver Nail Art:

The simple silver nail art looks chic and fashionable. It is studded with some rhinestones which give it a lively and pretty expression. But before you get this design for yourself, make sure your nails are neat and clean; or else it will not in bring the desired results.

Pink And Silver Nail Art:

A combination of bright pink and shining silver is bound to look amazing. The intricate designs and patterns are just wonderful and the style is pretty authentic and impressive. They are some of the best silver nail art designs seen till date.

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Leopard Silver Nail Art:

The Leopard silver nail art looks very classy and glamorous. It has been made essentially for the divas who like to give themselves a bold and sexy appearance. You can use different styles of leopard print; all depending upon your choice.

Teenage Glam Silver Nail Art:

Teenagers like their nails to look fun, pretty and sassy. They always want a look that’s loud and alive. For them, the teenage glam silver nail art is the best pick. This design is studded with rhinestones and has pretty looking black and silver flowers painted on it. The concept on a whole is very appealing.

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