75 Simple And Easy Rangoli Designs With Pictures

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Do you like making creative rangoli designs? If yes, then you should definitely try out the best and unique rangoli designs suggested by us. Stylesatlife offers you the best-in-class designs along with the proper technique to make these designs. Before making a rangoli design one needs to understand the concept of rangoli, its evolution, types and importance. Rangolis hold a unique stand in our society. It is an art and is often used in collaboration with welcoming a particular festival or a special event.

Rangoli is a creative decorative design made in the grounds or entrance of your houses during festivals or special events. Rangoli is an Indian tradition which is followed since ages. People belonging to a different creed, castes and religions follow this tradition.

Easy and simple Rangoli Designs are different types. They are classified into free hand rangoli design, Dots Rangoli Design, Flower Rangoli Design, Ganesh Rangoli and much more. All of these are full of colors and bright glow.

Simple And Easy Rangoli Design

Rangoli is extremely popular around India. Usually, they are known by different names in different provinces, like ‘Rangoli’ in Karnataka, ‘Rangavalli’ in Maharashtra, ‘Kolam’ in Tamil Nadu, ‘Muggu’ in Andhra Pradesh, ‘Mandana’ in Rajasthan, ‘Alpana’ in West Bengal, ‘Aripana’ in Bihar, ‘Chowk Purna’ in Madhya Pradesh, ‘Sathiya’ in Gujarat, ‘Ossa’ in Orissa, ‘Sona Rakhana’ in Uttar Pradesh, and so on. Each of these states has its own unique way of creating designs and patterns. The materials used for developing the art also differ a lot. But all of them are made for welcoming the deities during various festivals.

Simple And Easy Rangoli Designs With Images:

Following are the 75 simple and easy rangoli designs for beginners with images which one can easily make at home without taking much time. Choose the perfect one for your special occasion and get started.

1. Simple Rangoli Designs For Festival Occasion:

This unique design is a perfect choice for festivals like Holi or Diwali. In this beautiful simple rangoli picture the petals rangoli design goes well with colorful festivals and bright lights. Also, the diya’s placed on the sides of the design make a perfect combination for Diwali. It even gives a bright look to the whole design and makes it stand out from others. The combination of pink and yellow colors points out the contrast chosen exclusively for this design. This design is easy to make and takes hardly an hour or two.

2. Blue Rangoli Design For Occasion:

This blue rangoli design is a unique typical Ugadi/Gudi  padwa festival design. This is made on the doorsteps or courtyards to welcome New Year of the people living in the Deccan region of India. This rangoli design uses shades of a particular color which makes it look soothing and appealing to the eyes. This is a finely carved rangoli design which does time to make, but is truly eye-catching!

3. Diwali Colorful Rangoli:

This amazing colorful rangoli design is a perfect match for Diwali – the festival of lights! Carved with unique heart shaped design and lighted with diyas, this reminds us of the bright days to come. The combination of pink, green, red and violet color brightens the design and makes it look appealing. This design is designed to light up your house and draw out appreciation from your guests. This is one of the most popular and simple rangoli patterns with colors and diyas for any type of functions and occasions.

4. Classical Peacock Rangoli Designs:

This beautiful peacock rangoli design makes a beautiful combination for special events like anniversaries or birthdays. It is simple yet attractive piece of work. You can use variety of colors in this design and give it a different look as well. One can even carve this same rangoli design and beautify it with flowers or rose petals. You can light up the rangoli with diyas or just keep it simple. Remember, the simpler the better!

5. Homely Rangoli Design:

This is what you call a perfect mix and match design. You can see in this image Bright colors comprising of red and blue and white and yellow flowers make a perfect homely rangoli design. Although the actual design is very simple, yet the colors chosen for this and the unique beautiful flowers make it eye-catching! One can even beautify this design by lighting up a diya in the center of this rangoli. It will brighten and gives a different look to design.

6. Kundan Rangoli Designs:

This kundan rangoli design is uniquely carved with the help of colorful beads. These beads are placed on the floor in a design pattern which makes it look like a rangoli. It is indeed a handmade art of a creative person. These beads are studded on the floor with a pasting gum and can be easily removed. You can even lighten this up by planting diyas in the center of the rangoli design. It will make the rangoli more appealing. This is one of the best and beautiful simple rangoli designs with kundans which makes your occasion or function more colorful.

7. Kolam Rangoli With Flowers For Competitions:

Now that’s what you call a flowery rangoli. This unique rangoli design full of flowers is what makes an event special! Although the design is simple, yet it is very effectively carved out and decorated by petals and leaves. In this rangoli design, they have used a combination of flowers of different colors like pink and green, orange and yellow, white and orange, etc. This circular design pattern makes the whole design attractive!

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  1. vidhi

    July 25, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    Lovely wish i could make such beautiful designs some day.. i’ll save this pics and try this designs..thanks for share.!

  2. meena

    August 24, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    Hey great post! Very colorful designs. They are fun and innovative.I am a beginner but these designs are very brilliant, want to try them!