15 Awesome and Easy Skull Tattoo Designs with Pictures

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Skulls are an integral part of many tattoo designs. While they should be representing decay and death, skulls are generally used for their looks rather than their symbolic meanings. They are perfect for the deathly rock star look and is thus opted for by many who endeavor to get tattoos to make themselves look cool. While a skull’s form and shape is typical and can’t be messed around with much, you can still add several variations to skull tattoo designs! Here are the nine best designs for skull tattoo designs that you can choose from.

The skull tattoos have always been super cool among any generation. Various designs when attached give a marvelous effect to the skull tattoos. Recently, the Harley Davidson tattoos with skull have caught the eye of the tattoo lovers.


Big and Small Skull Tattoos Designs for Men and Women:

Following are the most popular and meaningful skull tattoo designs with images for men and women are as follows.

1. The Deadly Half Sleeve Skull Tattoo:

This kind of skull tattoo is mainly carried out by the people who are ready to fight against any kind of danger. The skull tattoo meaning of this art itself means danger and death. This kind of tattoo is mainly carried out by the bikers. As the tattoo defines, the bikers always risk their lives in racing out.


Hence, this tattoo is the best suitable for them. It is also carried out by the men who want to carry an effect of danger to his enemies. The horns coming out from the skull adds to its dangerous look. The dark color and light shading add to its uniqueness.

2. The Pirate Skull Tattoo:


This is one of the widest skull tattoos trending this days. The meaning of this tattoo is attached to rules to live life. This skull tattoo design is carried out by the pirate lovers. It symbolizes the art of living life on their own rules. People who do not like to live on the commands of others, as well as have their own norms to live a perfect life get attracted to this kind of tattoo.

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3. The Tribal Skull Tattoo Art for Men:


This kind of tribal skull tattoo is widely carried out in the youngsters. The people inspired by the tribal caste designs are the ones who highly get this tattoo done. The tattoo can also be modified using different tribal geometric designs beside the skull to add to its flair. For the tribal caste, this kind of skull tattoo was a sign of memories of the loved ones who passed away as well as the sign of ghostly appearances. It is generally found in dark black color, but some trendy people also use colors to make it more eye-catchy.

4. An Artistic Flower Skull Tattoo on Arm:

This cute tattoo design of skull is more creative and artistic. It makes up a skull using flowers. Thus it has a more innovative art. It looks beautiful and picturesque and is thus opted for more by women. The flowers can be coloured or in monochrome. The flowers peeping up from the eyes of the skull symbolize love and passion.


The various flower designs in this tattoo add to its beauty, with various meaning, for Eg- the rose means love, lily means peace etc. This is one of the most popular and extraordinary skull tattoo designs with outstanding creative idea.

5. Skull Couple Tattoo with Butterflies on Back:

This skull tattoo though chilling is vastly romantic. It mainly comprises of two skulls one male one female. The difference in their gender is made evident by addition of specific embellishments. They are shown embracing each other with birds or flowers surrounding them.

If made properly this design includes all the looks beautiful, romantic and yet awesome inspiring. It seems to express the fact that whoever you got that tattoo with is going to be with you forever. Long after your body has decayed and only your skulls remain!

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