9 Best Stained Glass Nail Art Designs

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A very popular form of nail art is the stained glass nail art. This is easy to do and recreate. You don’t really need drawing skills for this one but you need to have steady hands. For most stained glass nail arts you will require a black striper as a must. You will also require having lots of colours of nail polishes to go with your stained glass nail arts. You may not use normal nail polishes. Sometimes you can combine nail polishes with glitter polishes or keep spaces for filling in them with transparent polish and loose glitters of different colours.

Stained Glass Nail Arts:

This form of nail art looks really nice and sweet. A stained glass nail art can go with any colour of clothes because of the huge choices of colours that you can incorporate into these types of nail art designs.

Today we are putting forward 9 of our top hand picked stained glass nail art looks that even you can try out.

1. Glittered Stained Glass Nail Art with Metal Sequins:

A beautiful nail art like the one above can be created with glitter striper and a few nail polishes of your choice. Add some blings or metal sequins to your one nail for an extra jazzed up look. For two other nails you can use loose red glitters mixed with golden glitters on a transparent base coat or a glitter polish like OPI.

2. Free Hand Easy to do Stained Glass Nail Art:

Free hand easy to do stained glass nail art

For the above design you need to start off with free hand demarcation drawing with a striper or a nail art brush. Create spaces which you will fill up with colours. Now fill in the spaces with the back of a toothpick with the colours. Next redefine the demarcations, this time doing it very carefully and neatly. Use a transparent top coat to preserve the design so created. Finish off with a transparent top coat. Try it out!

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3. Stained Glass Church Window Nail Designs:

Use your free hand drawing skills to create the above design. Draw up some cross patterns and use a high glitter silver polish for a few nails. Use this silver with other colours and black striper for the stained glass effect. Try this one.

4. Abstract Stained Glass Nail Art:

Abstract stained glass

This can be easily created even if you do not have good hands at painting. Try out this nail art with striper in black and some chosen colours like above. Hope you can carry this out with ease. This can go with any of your traditional or western clothes and looks really good too.

5. Glitter Polish and Stained Glass Effect:

Glitter polish and stained glass effect

If you have a nice collection of glitter polishes which contained tiny sequins, some containing tiny glitter strands then you can easily create this design. Demarcate the spaces that you want to colour with some scotch tape pieces and then fill in the spaces with the choice of glitter colours. You can do it with different coloured plain glitters or loose glitters too.

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