9 Best Tamil Rangoli Designs with Images

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Rangoli’s are designs made by people and then colored up for various occasions in the country of India. It is a form of folk art which has been given different terms according to different region and they also have different ways to portray a particular festival or pay tribute to a personality, etc. Tamils call this form of art Kolam and in general it is known as Rangoli.

Tamil Rangoli Designs:

1. Floral Patterns:

The Tamils usually use this sort of designs. They include a lot of floral patterns, some have curved shaped and some are edgy. They have they geometric patterns which go round and round and make layers of rangoli and they are immensely colorful. Starting from the center we have a floral pattern in purple followed by red and green patterns. Then even that is followed by a pink layer and then a brown and finally we have flower all around the circle which are colored in vermilion.

2. Kolam Design:

This is a pretty Kolam design above which has been outlined with white as usual and then filled with colors of a good amount to make the rangoli look really bright. Indigo and navy blue dominates in the interior decoration followed by pink on the exterior due to the pretty lotuses drawn. The psychedelic floral pattern in the middle looks really pretty and color combination is just too appealing.

3. Animal and Flowers Design:

Kolam designs also include a lot of flowers, animals and trees apart from usual designs and shapes. In the picture above we have peacocks drawn and colored in pink. They have purple tails and blue wings. They are all sitting on branches of trees which have been included in the designs as well.

4. Rangoli Designs For New Year:

In the picture above we see a group of women painting an entire path with geometric patterns of Kolam designs. They are doing in only with plain white color but the designs are so fine and skilled that you cannot get your eyes off them.

5. Simple Kolam Design:

The picture shows us a very interesting kolam design, drawn and then filled up with food ingredients instead of colors. We have cereals, chili flakes and even a small yellow flower which has been put over the white outlined border. This sort of rangoli concept is hard to find but it gives us an idea to be unique and think a little out of the box.

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