15 Temporary and Ink Tattoo Designs for Kids with Images

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The craze for tattoos is not just restricted to men and women. Children are equally fascinated with tattoos. Not that it holds any symbolic meaning for them. They are simply attracted by the various tattoo designs available for kids and what’s more, they love to flaunt it just for the thrill of it.


Children are the embodiment of innocence. This innocence is personified through the various different tattoos designs worn by them.

Best Tattoos for Kids with Images:

In this article we came with different types of tattoo designs for kids with pictures that surely inspire your child.

1. Kids with Parent Tattoos:

Parent tattoos

The first love of all parents are their children and they definitely leave not even the smallest way to express their love for the little ones and tattoos are thus one way to do so. While children love to get their own names inked on the bodies, it is just the opposite when it comes to the parents. If we take the other version of tattoos for kids we can talk about how parents love to get the name/ names of their children inked forever on their bodies. It is even better if the number of children is more than one because they can then make a pattern with the names anywhere they want.

2. Superman Kids Tattoo Designs:

Superman Tattoo

How children love to wear tattoos of their favorite superhero character! From Batman, to Spider man, to Superman and the likes of them these super heroes are displayed proudly on girls and boys alike. Superman tattoos, a favorite among boys especially are created in the image of the legendary cartoon character as well as the logo. The picture of Superman is usually worn on the arm while the logo is more famously sported on the chest and face. These should be temporary other wise take some safety precautions.

3. Kids Glitter Tattoo Designs:

Glitter tattoos

When it comes to girls, you can get any kind of tattoo but make sure these don’t hurt. It is obvious because firstly they are children and on top of that they are the super cute girls. When they want tattoos, the best is to get them bright and colorful ones. The best way is to get them glitter tattoos done. These glow even in the dark if done with those neon color glitters. You can get any design done on your wrist or back or wherever you want and then stick special type of glitter on this portion to color and fill up the tattoo design. Pretty as ever absolutely!

4. Safety Tattoos for Your Kids:

Safety Tattoos

These are some of the artificial tattoo designs for kids and are dome in many countries as stickers on their wrists maybe by the parents. These are tattoos which show important information if they are left alone for camps or picnics. Since children have the habit of eating anything they find good looking, these are alerts which say what they are allergic of so that the supervisors can find out easily and they are thus given food accordingly. These are sometimes also done to remind children of what things they are not supposed to do even when parents are not around.

5. Stars and Flowers Tattoos for Kids:

Stars and Flowers Tattoo

Tattoos for girls have all the elements of beauty, charm and elegance in them. It is no wonder that stars and flowers are a much sought after tattoo design for little girls. Done on the hand with fanciful decoration it looks charismatic and has an appeal of its own.

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