50 Best Temporary Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

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Tattoos are a very popular choice of fashion for many youth and even the adults. These come in various shapes and sizes. You can have these on almost any parts of the body these days as long as you are comfortable with sporting it on that part. Now if you are not very sure that you want something permanent, you can try something that lasts for a few days.


Similarly you can change the designs too when you scrub these off and then you can try something new. Unlike getting needled with colors which are put deep into your skin, these are not harmful and these can be changed which is an option which the permanent ones do not give you. Now these days it is not that you only get the sticker designs in small patches.

You can also have something for the back or body parts like an arm design and it runs from the shoulder joints and till the lower portion of the ribs. You can have something on top which is like the frontal part and these will generally not stay hidden unless you are wearing a high collar buttoned up shirt. So it depends which is what you will choose and sport. The proper way to do that is to have a design drawn out and ask to get it customized.

Temporary Tattoos With Images:

You can take inspiration from the usually available types and designs for temporary patterns from our top 50 collection of temporary tattoo Designs.

1. Glow In Dark Temporary Tattoo Designs:

This glow in the dark angel tattoo shines bright at night when in a dark room or under a UV light or even under a black disco light. Complete in its angel like quality and ideally suited for a night out at the disco, it looks ethereal when worn on any visible part of the body.

2. Temporary Butterfly Glitter Tattoos:

Butterfly tattoos in temporary form are a must have for every woman and girl. Available in a wide selection of designs and colors, these custom made glitter tattoos add spark and spank to one’s body. What’s more, because of their temporary nature one can play around with the different tattoo designs and change the location of their bodies according to their whims and fancies.

3. Temporary Mehndi Tattoo Designs:

Mehndi Tattoos

Again there is another type of non-permanent thing, which is known as henna. Mehndi body art, a profound part of Indian culture has traveled across the world to find its place on the bodies of women from all around the globe. They look just as cool on any part of the body.

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4. Temporary Balloon Tattoos:

Temporary Balloon Tattoo

What makes temporary tattoos special is that they are printed with nontoxic ink that’s safe especially for children who don’t have to compromise safety for style. This temporary balloon tattoo makes for great party activity during the holiday season or a birthday bash.

5. Temporary Bracelet Tattoo:

Temporary Bracelet Tattoo

Armband and bracelet temporary tattoos are creative and versatile. They can be worn on the upper arm, wrist, ankles and around the neck. When worn with two or more contrasting designs they look ornate. Bracelet tattoos in their wide range of designs look good on men and women alike.

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