50 List of Best Yoga Asanas with Pictures & Their Significance

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41. Yoga Bakasana and its Benefits (Crow Pose) :

bakasana yoga pose

This is one of the yoga asana names which are usually a part of the advanced stage of yoga practice. This one needs a lot of dedication, flexibility and strength for sure. You have to balance your whole body on your palms and lift yourself to again bend your legs to make a formation which results like the body of a crane. This yoga pose is very helpful in toning your arms as well as removing fat from the abdomen portion.

42. Makarasana of yoga (Or) The Crocodile Pose:

makarasana 25

This is one of the very popular parts in the series of yoga asanas for beginners. It is because this is not really hard and is just a relaxing posture which any one can do with ease. The only thing is that you have to know the breathing process which is the most important thing when it comes to yoga asanas. This asana is especially helpful in relaxing muscles and relieving pains such as the lower back pains and those due to sciatica.

43. Salabhasana Yoga Posotion with Multi Benefits (Or) Locust Pose :

locust  pose yoga

This is one of the multi-advantageous yoga asana because this is helpful in pain relieving as well as works very well when it comes to weight loss. Here you need to put both your hands straight while lying on your front. Now lift the legs straight and together up and breathe well. Make sure you are not pressuring your hands. This boosts metabolism due to which fat formation is prevented and is also helpful for indigestion.

44. Typical Yoga Pose Bhekasana Or Frog Posture:

Bhekasana or frog pose yoga

This is a body toning yoga poses which is not very difficult. You should definitely try this if you think you need to tone down your hips and buttocks. For this you will have to lie down on your stomach and now lift yourself up till your breasts and again from the back you have to twist back both your legs from the knees so that you can hold them. This gives you a nice stretch and thus tones the parts.

45. The Cow Head Pose – Gomukhasana Yoga Practice for Sexual Problems:


This is an advanced yoga performed for particular reasons. This can be performed by both men and women. This is especially helpful for men because it eases sexual problems resulting in better conjugal relationships. The practice of Gomukhasana also helps to cure hernia.

46. Hero Pose in Yoga – Virasana Yoga Pose and Benefits:

Different Types Of Yoga Asanas And Their Benefits-Veerasana

This one is again an advanced stage of yoga asanas and is helpful for joint pains and problems. The practice of this posture yoga eventually makes you more flexible and also eases all the parts of your body. The practice of Virasana also increases metabolism in the body and enhances blood circulation even to the joints. This asana can show instant glow in your face which is a result of proper blood circulation.

47. Supta Virasana Yoga for Abdomen Health (Reclined Hero Pose):

Supta Virasana yoga 98

Also known as the recline pose of the hero, this one is not a very difficult posture to practice. In this you just have to do Vajrasana and lie down with your legs fixed in the position. This type of  yoga asanas are very helpful for digestion system and its proper functioning. Also, this yoga pose prevents excessive fat from depositing in the body especially the abdomen area.

48. Effective Yoga Kumbhakasana (Plank Pose):


This posture is also known as the plank pose and can be practiced by anyone because it is really very easy. Make sure you start by doing this at least 10 times and then gradually increase to 15 and then 20 times. This looks simple but is very effective in toning a number of body parts. This includes the hips, waist, abdomen, arms and shoulders. Practice this yoga pose everyday if you want to develop toned abs.

49. How to Do Vasisthasana in Yoga – (Side Plank Pose):

Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose)-Best yoga asanas

Better known as the side plank yoga pose and a version of the previous one, here you will have to raise your body by resting on one hand which will lie flat till the elbow. Lift up and put another hand on your waist in a smart posture. This is helpful in toning the extra fat handles which make your waist look really bad and are stubborn in nature.

50. Utthan Pristhasana and their Benefits (Lizard Pose) :


Also known as the lizard pose, this is very helpful in releasing stress, fatigue and tension. This pose sure looks really complicated but is actually not so. You can do this to rather relax your body after a hard day of work. It is instantly effective and very, very calming for the body.

You can make your body strong and healthy by using above all the different types of yoga asanas and get mental peace also. Yoga is a therapy for the mind and body as we already known and there are number of yoga poses. It is thus very helpful if we get to know how to practice which and for what reason.

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  1. midhuna

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    Excellent collection of moves. this is really helpfull. I will try everyday on morning.

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