15 Beautiful Black Blouse Designs With Pictures

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Black blouse is probably one of the most suitable color blouse for wearing saree of any color. Black is the best base color which will suit almost any colors on it. We have so many blouse designs for different types of sarees even though black blouse designs are perfectly marched for any type of saree.

Amazing Black blouse Designs With Images:

Black blouse designs are always alluring and charming also. In this article, we will discuss some such alluring black blouse designs along with pictures.

1. The Floral Designer Black Blouse:

Black Blouse Designs

This particular black blouse sports an awesome design and will be suitable for almost all occasions. It goes hand in hand with the saree and is the best black saree blouse in the list of the best black blouses ever.

2. The Back Open Black Blouse Design:

Black blouse designs2

This is a quite unique blouse, which comes with an awesome design done on it. The front part of the blouse is totally covered to neck and displays a floral design on the neck and the sleeves. On the other hand, the back is totally open and is one of the best black blouses for women with slim physique.

3. The Unique Designer Black Blouse:

Black blouse designs3

You probably have never seen black blouses like these before. These are designer black blouses suitable for saree with contrasting colors such as the one which the woman is wearing in the picture. This is probably one of the finest-looking black blouses of all time.

4. The Oval Back Opening Floral Designed Black Blouse:

Black blouse designs4

If you are looking for a black blouse which will stand out than the other blouses, then go for this designer one. It comes with a great pattern done throughout the blouse along with the beautiful back opening. This is one of the charming black blouse designs for women, who prefer wearing designer sarees.

5. The Black And Lime Green Full Sleeve Blouse:

Black blouse designs5

Well, this is new!. This is something quite unique and goes hand in hand with the saree. The blouse sports a lime green colored sleeve along with a beautiful black base which is a treat for the eyes of every one.

6. The Queen Black Blouse Design:

Black blouse designs6

The combination of the designer black blouse and the saree looks perfect on Aishwarya Rai. It comes with a golden floral pattern done throughout the blouse and the saree looks quite beautiful as well.

7. The Long Designer Black Blouse:

Black blouse designs7

This is a really pretty designer blouse of black color, which comes with a beautiful print towards the end of sleeves extending the the forearms. The saree is also worth mentioning. With the golden print it looks quite unique as well. This blouse is one of the most beautiful black blouse designs which is suitable for all types of occasions.

8. The Half Sleeve Black Blouse:

Black blouse designs8

If you are looking for a designer blouse, then this is one of the most famous ones in the fashion market right now and it also comes in the color black. No other blouse will be like simple and alluring.

9. The Designer Half Sleeve Black Blouse Design:

Black blouse designs9

If you are looking for something black and golden design, then this will be one of the best ones out there. It comes with a black base and a golden-colored design done to the upper back continuing to the sleeves.

10. The Authentic Designer Black Blouse:

Black blouse designs10

This is yet another designer blouse which comes with the color black. Women interested in black blouse, might want to check this design out. Every women surely like this pattern of work on hands and it will be the one of the most appealing black blouse designs.

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11. The Front Dotted Black Blouse:

Black blouse designs11

This black blouse is something which you have probably never witnessed before. It sports a golden dotted design at the front. On the other hand, the is a floral pattern done to the back on a black base.

12. Transparent Golden-Black Sleeve Blouse:

Black blouse designs12

It seems someone has done a golden design on a transparent black canvas. This is a really pretty blouse and women can wear this for any type of parties and other family functions also.

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13. The Party Black Blouse:

Black blouse designs13

If you are looking for a black blouse for party, then go for this trendy sleeveless black blouse with an awesome design. It will be comfortable and stylish as well. This is perfectly suitable for modern women with good physic.

14. The Bengali Silk Plain Black Blouse:

Black blouse designs14

This particular plain black blouse sports a Bengali fashion and will be perfect for silk sarees. This is very suitable for women Who likes simplicity and naturality.

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15. The Celeb Black Blouse Design:

Black blouse designs15

Last but not the least, this transparent black blouse wearing which will give you the ability to sport the designer touch of the beautiful Priyanka Chopra. The design of black blouse is very attractive throughout the hands with simple netted material.

Black sarees and black color never goes out of fashion whether it is a short black dress or black blouses. This is why there are innumerable black blouse designs available in the market of India to pick from.