Top 9 Black Bob Hairstyles

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Are you fascinated with bob hairstyles? Then, surely you should keep your hair black and try any of the below mentioned cut. They are easy to maintain and suitable for all occasions. A good hairdresser would be able to help you with the cut that will suit your face.

1. Straight Black Short Bob:

Black Bob Hairstyles1

This is the simplest and the most convenient looking hairstyle that has been into style from many years. Women who like short hair and do not want to experiment much choose this safe and smart hairstyle. If you have dark black hair, straight bob will look the best and you might get many compliments.

2. The Goddess Bob:

Black Bob Hairstyles2

Short hair requires proper styling to make women look good. Moreover, the straight bangs bob is one of the style that not many choose because of its Goddess appearance. If, you can sport it you would look unique and fashionable. Do not try to experiment with hair color and keep it black for sure.

3. The Retro Bob Cut:

Black Bob Hairstyles3

This haircut will make you look sweet and sexy at the same time. You would have to have a wave on one side and a straight look on the other. The wave should be smooth and go inwards toward your cheek. Fine hair with black tone will look the best in this style without doubt.

4. Straight Fringes Bob:

Black Bob Hairstyles4

If you have black hair, and you love fringes, you can choose to keep them straight on your forehead. This look is quite interesting and suits all kinds of faces and hair texture. There are many models who love to keep this hairstyle for a change and it is never out of fashion.

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