Top 15 Different Black Hairstyles

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While a red frock suits her daughter, the black is the best look for the lady. While a periwinkle might be the right shade for the bedroom wall, it is nothing compared to the soft peach hue that is to adorn the drawing room wall. While the high heeled stilettos in blue looked great with the short white dress, you are sure the lip smacking red heels would go well with your little LBD. Colors do matter and often at times, the body color, especially the one on the hair can account for a change in your look.

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Usually hair comes in a lot of different shades and it is often noticed that a look can be made or destroyed simply with a hair hue. Often the intricate knots are much prominent in the blond or mouse brown or even fiery red hair since the lightness of the color accounts for more visibility. The same deep knots in a darker hued hair will not look all that good and therefore it is here that we need to know which hair color and what style should our hair look best in. In this article, we would like to talk about the various times black color looked great on different hairstyles.

1. The Goth Look:

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This is a simple enough hairstyle where the main attraction lies in the way her locks have carelessly fallen on her forehead and has been swept aside softly to one side. The main part of this look is based on the hairstyle itself where the front locks are cut short but with a blunt look so that they can fall one beside the other creating that slight slant that ends up in a bigger lock. The rest of the hair at the back is propped up and then messily tied in an up do.

2. The Pinned up Princess:

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To get this hairstyle start by teasing your hair properly before you move further with this look. One would require a good amount of volume to get this look right and for that you can even use bump it’s or hair buffers to buff up the hair. Prior to this opt for soft princess curls which are not too dominating for the look and yet subtle and understandable. Tease the hair properly and then use a simple pin to pull back the front locks from the middle and clip it above.

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3. The Braided Bun:

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If you have a fine or thin consistency of hair you would do great for this hairstyle. To start off try combing through your hair properly so that you don’t have a difficult time handling your hair for this look. Back brush your hair properly and then segment the hair into two, obliquely if possible. Now start braiding the hair corn row style so that now you are left with two French braids. Now comb and tie a bun with the rest of the free hair and use a braid to wrap the bun from the underneath.

4. The Wrapped Around Bun:

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This is a classic hairstyle for the prom nights or the late night dinner dates when romanticism is your theme and looking good for the event is your goal. Look trendy and beautiful in this awesome wrapped around bun. To get this look you would need a hair band, a fancy one if possible. Put the hair band in and let the stray locks on the front out. Now start wrapping your hair individual one lock at a time and you would end up with a classy low bun.

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5. The Fishtail Braid:

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Braids are a go to look for many girls where the fast and busy mornings can only be overtaken by the simple skill of knowing how to differently use techniques to braid the hair. One such technique is the fishtail braid which is similar to our normal braid but with a slight modification. Use some loose curls and a teased head of hair to get the look you want.

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