15 Traditional Blouse Back Neck Designs for Pattu Sarees

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Pattu sarees are the ones that happen to uphold the tradition well. It is big on zari, embroidery and all sorts of heavy work. These sarees often reserved for special invitations and occasions like marriages. Your blouse should always match the style and beauty of the saree you choose. Pattu saree these days are easy to find, but if you don’t choose the right design for your pick, the entire show is technically ruined. The sarees are indeed known and very popular, especially in southern India. Talking of the blouse, they are equally in demand, so the price might get a little on the higher side, but nothing you cant afford. Your saree should have an attractive blouse to be paired up with.

15 Traditional Blouse Back Neck Designs for Pattu Sarees

Latest and Beautiful Blouse Back Neck Models for Pattu Sarees:

Here are the 15 best choices of pattu saree blouse back neck designs that you have waiting in line for you.

1. Deep Neck Blue Blouse:

Blouse back neck designs for pattu sarees1

The first blouse back neck designs for pattu saree that you see here is a gorgeous backless style, well almost. Here, the style is more of a fancy one, with stones surrounding the round slit. This design is ideal for women who choose to be bold despite following the traditions.

2. Green Blouse For Pattu Sarees:

Blouse back neck designs for pattu sarees2

We can assume that the beautiful intricate stonework is the first thing that you notice about the blouse here. It looks like it will fit the bride just fine, because of the design and how almost every inch of the blouse is covered in it.

3. Orange Pattu Saree Blouse:

Blouse back neck designs for pattu sarees3

Pattu blouse back neck designs list cannot go unfeatured without this beautiful design on it. The whole pattern on the back is absolutely as creative as it gets. This one is perfect for the pattu saree that you have kept reserved on your shelf for your wedding day.

4. Green Pattu Saree Blouse:

Blouse back neck designs for pattu sarees4

Another green that you see here, this one is more of a stone and beads than embroidery, but that doesn’t stop it from being downright enthralling!

5. Deep Neck V cut blouse:

Blouse back neck designs for pattu sarees5

This blouse will be a great consideration if you are looking for back neck designs for pattu blouses. The prestigious look of the blouse might make it an expensive purchase despite the simplicity, but if you enquire you will find out how almost everyone thinks it was worth the price they had to pay.

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