Top 30 Latest Blouse Neck Designs

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There is absolutely no denying that the blouse you choose to wear is an important decision for you to make, particularly if you are quite the fashionista. Don’t worry about the design you choose, since you are surrounded by so many options that you will never run out of style. There are equally abundant choices with embroidery and color as well. What should you pick then? We might have a little something for you. To keep you out of hassle’s way, we have put together a list of the very best 30 blouses latest on the trends and the market right now.

1. Fancy Embroidery Blue Blouse:

Blouse Neck Designs

While you are looking for blouse neck designs, the very first one here features a blue full sleeved blouse, with golden embellishments halfway through. The rest of the blouse here as you see has floral designs running all over. Blue and golden have been quite the combination since ages now. They not only look gorgeous together, but also give the blouse a perfectly chic look.

2. Matching Saree Material Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Matching Saree Material Blouse 2

Actress Vaani Kapoor is looking stunning here isn’t she with the whole saree matches blouse thing. She is  wearing a steel grey color full sleeved blouse, which is quite a scene in itself as well. This blouse here can be worn to big celebrations or wedding invitations alike with designer sarees.

3. High collar Halter Neck Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-High collar Halter Neck Blouse 3

Just when you though halter necks were out of fashion, here’s one with a twist. This blouse has a high collar alongside the halter neck, thus bringing together contemporary and urbane styles. Anyone who loves experimenting will fancy the look of the blouse right away.

4. Sheer Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Sheer Blouse 4

Any confident woman cannot get enough of this blouse design. It is transparent all in all, thus leaving your skin just as covered as you want, while allowing you to tease the eyes around you. Ideal for date nights or an uncommon party, this will get those tongues talking about you right away.

5. Sheer Neck Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Sheer Neck Blouse 5

This next one here has a high collar, while the neck area is sheer material. This is a good choice for glamorous parties that involve a lot of style statement at the first place. The saree choice for this blouse most certainly has to be designer or lace ones, so that the blouse draws just as much of the attention.

6. Backless Blouse with Latkans:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Backless Blouse with Latkans 6

This blouse neck model is completely backless, except the few latkans that put the blouse together and in place. While you need to be cautious when sporting this blouse, it won’t be fun if you aren’t open to experimenting now, would it? You can wear this blouse to friendly invitations, but do make sure you don’t move around too much, since you don’t want to risk a wardrobe malfunction

7. Full Length Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Full Length Blouse 7

Here we see a full sleeved black blouse. More in the style of a jacket, the blouse features and intricate threadwork all in golden and some in white. This not only enhances the overall appearance but owing to the front designs, makes the blouse suitable only with net sarees.

8. Back Embellishment Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Back Embellishment Blouse 8

Most certainly this blouse has a definitive charm with the whole velvet thing. Apart from that, the blouse also features a series of well stoned strings. The saree as you can see is the same as the blouse and the design of the blouse here is high neck.

9. Full Sleeved Backless Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Full Sleeved Backless Blouse 9

Backless Blouses usually aren’t full sleeved, but here you see it suits the wearer just fine. So the next time you don’t want to experiment with this blouse, think again. The blouse is red and has golden embellishments all around to boast of.

10. Heavy Work Bridal Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Heavy Work Bridal Blouse 10

This is one of the latest blouse neck designs from the bridal collection. It is all in velvet and has silver stones embedded all over. Although worn here as a lehnga top, it can suit a saree equally well. Try for yourself and you’ll see.

11. High Neck Velvet Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-High Neck Velvet Blouse 11

Another in the velvet list, this high neck blouse is basic in itself, but the velvet brings in the gloss. There is a deep slit, which will suit women who want to flaunt their toned body. You can wear this blouse best with designer sarees.

12. Boat Neck Backless Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Boat Neck Backless Blouse 12

What we see here is a new blouse design that has Sonam Kapoor wearing a boat neck blouse. While the boat neck has been around a while now, the backless rendition is rather new. To be precise, this blouse is best worn with simple cotton sarees.

13. Multicolored Blouse Design:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Multicolored Blouse Design 13

If you have a singular colored saree, nothing will suit your style better than this brocade blouse, that features almost all the basic colors. The style is more Gujarati, but the border and lace makes it look more modern. This style is being chosen by many these days.

14. Mirror Blouse Design:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Mirror Blouse Design 14

Look at the beauty of the mirror style blouse here. Just when you thought the days or mirrors on clothes are over, the fashion designers have started featuring this style in many shows and commoners are choosing this style all over again with equally welcoming hands.

15. Full Coverage Bra Cup Style Blouse Design:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Bra Cup Style Blouse Design 15

When you see this blouses neck design here first, it might seem like a bra with net designs below, but it is essentially a bra style blouse. The whole design under makes it look even better and safe to say, for random parties with friends, this blouse is one of your best choice.

16. Padded Blouse Design:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Padded Blouse Design 16

If you are not comfortable with the whole seams thing or want to make your breasts look fuller in a saree, here is a blouse that has pads to make your breasts look even more toned. The blouse is heavily padded and the gorgeous red color gives it even more reasons to be chosen as a favorite.

17. Low Neck Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Low Neck Blouse 17

Among blouse neck designs, this is probably your boldest choice on this list. This blouse is for women who are fond of net sarees and keep a toned figure for the same. To keep all eyes on you and be the talk of the town for the chic person that you are, this low cut blouse is your easy move.

18. Short Jacket Sleeve Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Short Jacket Sleeve Blouse 18

Notice how the saree borders and the blouse sleeves have the same design, while that makes the sleeves look more like a jacket. The blouse is a smart move for women who have found a same lace as the saree but don’t know just how to use it wisely on a plain blouse.

19. Striped Blouse Design:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Striped Blouse Design 19

The blouse has pink stripes on a golden background and is very ethnic. It can be worn with silk or cotton sarees and is right from small family gatherings or basic festivals.

20. Modern Choli Style Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Modern Choli Style Blouse 20

The Rajasthani Choli has been brought back here with a modern touch as you see in the back. The front style is almost the same, but the back has cuts and slits all over thus making it a suitable wear for designer wears.

21. Wrap Up Back Hook Blouse Design:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Wrap Up Back Hook Blouse Design 21

The blouse here has a back hook, the first on this list, and has a wrap up design, made of two very soothing colors, the peach and orange. It looks complementing and eye catching at the same time and the perfect saree to be worn for the same is an orange plain one. The choices can be made among synthetic, chiffon, georgette and cotton. Silk sarees aren’t exactly the option you should prefer here.

22. Red Full Sleeved Complementing Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Red Full Sleeved Complementing Blouse 22

The blouse neck pattern you see here is unique in every sense and has nothing common to share with the saree expect the sleeve colors and the saree borders. While it might not look like your best option, but a full sleeved blouse is always a best choice to add more ethnic flavors to your saree. You can wear this out for small family functions and events.

23. Strapless Blouse Design:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Strapless Blouse Design 23

The strapless blouse you see here was once restricted to only film stars and celebrities who did not have to worry about the stares from commoners. But these days, with the modernization, women have advanced and choose this design and carry it out with equal confidence as their choice.

24. Off Shoulder Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Off Shoulder Blouse 24

Another common choice of neck designs for blouses, your tailor won’t be surprised if you take this design to him. It is quite the rage in the fashion industry right now and the off shoulder thing works well with non pleated sarees of all materials, from designer to lace and even the usual silk and cotton.

25. Blouse with Additional Embellishments:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Additional Embellishments 25

The blouse neck pattern you see here has beautiful embellishments to brag of, and it looks good with the overall design as well. It has blue stones and silver ones surrounding it to give a floral look on the whole blouse. The saree to be worn with this blouse is ideally a designer one.

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26. Broad Necked Blouse:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Broad Necked Blouse 26

The U shaped blouse here has been modified for a broader necked look. You can also see a high neck collar, and these blouses are more commonly known as the airhostess type blouse. It has been popular for quite a while now.

27. Glittering Blouse Design:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Glittering Blouse Design 27

This blouse is the best choice for you if you have a party to attend but your saree is very gorgeous. The blouse in itself is shiny as well, but makes sure it isn’t too out of the mark, drawing all the attention to it while making the saree look basic.

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28. Spaghetti Strap With Stones Design:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Spaghetti Strap With Stones Design 28

The spaghetti straps are a common thing right now, but the whole stones on it thing makes it a new trend, and it was brought about by none other than the leading Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif. The blouse she is seen wearing here is a pink one with silver stones on it.

29. Corset Style Halter Neck:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Corset Style Halter Neck 29

Yes, you guessed it right. Two styles have been combined here well to bring out the very best in the blouse. The corset style is a traditional old school trend, while the halter neck is a new one. When you combine the two, you get an even newer look that most people will compliment you about.

30. Loose Sleeves Design:

Latest Blouse Neck Designs-Loose Sleeves Design 30

If you are bored of the usual well fit clothes, its time for a change. Our concluding blouse style here has loose sleeves to give you an unkempt  look, but in style that you can flaunt well in the crowd.

Glamorous is what you want to look and we are sure that you have taken your pick from these 30 blouse neck designs by now. These days a lot of the attention goes into the saree that you decide to wear, but doesn’t mean the blouse itself doesn’t add to the beauty. After all, ask any woman and they will prove equally well that a saree isn’t even halfway what it is without a perfect blouse to go by. So the next time you need to make a run to your tailor, take along one of these designs to make your wardrobe change with the ongoing trend.

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