Top 9 Bob Hairstyles With Fringes

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Hair Fringes make most hairstyles look smarter and allow you to play with your hair. This is also true if you cut your hair short and want to a have a bob hairstyle. Fringes suit on all face types if cut in the right manner and angle to compliment the structure. Some interesting haircuts are mentioned here for you.

1. Chocolate Bob With Medium Fringes:

bob hairstyles with fringes

Chocolate color hair looks fantastic on women who are fair and keep them short. Fringes enhance the beauty of your face and goes well with all bob hairstyles. Here you have to keep your smooth and cut them straight right above your shoulder. Try this style and feel good.

2. Ruby Red Fringes Bob:

Bob Hairstyles with Fringe2

Are you fond of the color red? You can choose to have red fringes along with medium length bob cut. The focus of the highlight will be on the fringes and low shade will be all over the hair to give it a complete look. One needs to be confident to carry this color hair and the style will suit all face types.

3. The Flirty Fringe Look:

Bob Hairstyles with Fringe3

This haircut is sassy for evening parties and equally suits official meetings. This makes it is a universal hairstyle that many women like to wear for convenience. You should ask your hairdresser to keep the fringes on one side of your face that goes from short to long and mixes with the rest of your hair.

4. Wavy Bob With Fringes:

Bob Hairstyles with Fringe4

Undone hair is fashionable today and one of the best ways to keep it is a wavy bob cut with some nice fringes on forehead. This is a hairstyle for occasion and all faces look good with this simple cut. You can curl your hair artificially if you do not have them naturally and maintain it on a regular basis.

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5. Long Bob With Short Fringes:

Bob Hairstyles with Fringe5

If you are fond of long hair and do not wish to cut it short, you can opt to keep your bob long. Short fringes will look good with long hair and can be angled as per your choice. Long hair looks best on round and square faces but can be worn by almost everyone.

6. Choppy Layered Bob With Smooth Fringes:

Bob Hairstyles with Fringe6

This is one of the interesting bob hairstyle, that young women can wear for different purposes. It is perfect for individuals who like to be carefree and keep oneself look good as well. All types of face can try this haircut along with different ways of parting to make your fringes look better.

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7. Deep Side Parted Bob:

Bob Hairstyles with Fringe7

If, you are looking for a change in hairstyle you can simply decide to restyle it with a side parting to give you a complete different look. This will allow the fringes to rest on your face and give you a young feel. Heart and square shaped faces will look the best in this type of tress styling.

8. The Bold Bob With Fringes:

Bob Hairstyles with Fringe8

Are you ready to create your own standalone hairstyle that will make you look awesome? Try being bold, and keep two shade highlights, that will make your hairstyle interesting. The fringes on your forehead can be cut short and colored like rest of your mane.

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9. A Full Fringe Bob:

Bob Hairstyles with Fringe9

You can opt to make your hair look stylish by cutting it blunt until your neck and the fringes covering your forehead completely. This will make you look modern and smart and you can be absolutely care free about how you look. Oval shaped face will best compliment this hairstyle.

Now, that you know that fringes look good on any type of face type and short hair you can decide on the best style for yourself.

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