9 Top & Best Bodycon Skirts for Women

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style=”text-align: justify;”>Skirts is an elegant piece of cloth collection, which runs around the lower part of the women’s curvy body.  Bodycon is nothing but a short form of Body conscious apparels which covers a women’s body tightly and gives a body hugging fit. Women´s  Bodycon dress type includes ladies skirt which comes in different length and narrows down like the commonly used A-line skirts.

Simple and Best Bodycon Skirts for Women:

Ladies read out this top 9 Bodycon Skirt types article and dress up like Kim Kardashian, who is known for wearing Bodycon cloths.

1. Rainbow Stripes Mini Bodycon Skirts:


This rainbow colored striped skirt hugging the body tightly makes the best bodycon summer wear skirt. The skirt is worn high above the waist line runs till the mid-thigh region with a perfect body shaping design which is matched with a halter neck rainbow striped cropped top.

2. Crushed Velvet Bodycon Midi Skirt:

Crushed Velvet Bodycon Midi skirt

Velvet with a crushed look is the most happening cloth wear in the recent fashion era, the crushed look is achieved by using machines which remove velvet material in between which leaves behind the lining leaving a crushed look. This skirt is worn around the hip line and curls around and falls just below the knee region.

3. Striped Bodycon Contemporary Midi Bodycon Skirt:

Striped Bodycon Contemporary Midi Bodycon Skirt

Contemporary design is achieved through a simple black material with contrast horizontal lines running on the lower border of the cloth. The strips usually have two broad white borders with a center black line. This midi bodycon skirts are designed for a stretch jersey or cotton blend material with a tight body shape revealing the design.

4. Black Bodycon Overlay Pencil Skirt for Women:

Black Bodycon Overlay Pencil Skirt

The Overlay hem design falls under wrap over skirt category which is made from synthetic or velvet material. These bodycon skirts are over above the hip line and falls till the knee region with front overlap design and hem running above the overlap design.

5. Synthetic Brown Leather Bodycon High Waist Pencil Skirt:

Synthetic Brown Leather Bodycon High Waist Pencil Skirt

The leather-like skirt has gained its attention through its modest and appealing design. The brown color is a universal color which matches with all color designed tops.  Due to the leather finish,  body curves are exposed more clearly than other synthetic material. This skirt matches well as party wear clothes.

6. Women Maxi Slit Bodycon Pencil Skirt:

Maxi Slit Pencil Skirt Bodycon Skirt

Long bodycon Pencil skirts are always a perfect beach wear attire. Slit at the sides makes it easy in walking and during the course of sitting.  Long skirts curvy around the thigh region and slightly flares at the end with a long side or back slit which suits well for tall girls.

7. Contrast Lace Bodycon Midi Skirt:

Contrast lace Bodycon Midi skirt

The lining and the lace material are designed using contrast color with bodycon design in mind. The lining sits around the waist region and falls till mid thigh along with lace material which then extends to the knee or just below knee level without lining.  This type of body complimenting skirts are used as a causal or business party wear.

8. Asymmetric White Hem Mini Bodycon Skirts:

Asymmetric white Hem Mini Bodycon Skirt

This asymmetric skirts which are designed as the mini skirt. This mini skirt has up and down design with a bandage designed look. The bandage type of stitching design runs around the body tightly and make the fitting rigid. This type of skirt matches well with a crop top and a pair of high heels for a party.

9. Abstract Long  Bodycon Skirt with Slit:

Abstract long Bodycon Skirt with slit

Abstract designs are usually referred to floral or any pattern design which runs around the material completely. In this type of skirt, the fit is a bit loose below the mid- thigh region. From the Hipline to the mid thigh the fitting is designed using Bodycon design which curves around the body perfectly giving it a sexy outlook.

The Bodycon Skirts will always be in fashion, especially for young girls and ladies who are figure conscious will definitely like to wear Bodycon skirts which are the trendiest designer wear a skirt which portraits each body part in an elegant and also in a sexy way. Girls and ladies who are bit overweight will definitely be motivated to shed some pound and fit into any one of the above-mentioned bodycon skirts types after reading this article!!

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