9 Beautiful Bollywood Salwar Suit Designs for Girls

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Rulers including Mauryans (322–185 BCE), Kushans (1-3 AD), Guptas (4-6 AD), King Harsha (7AD) wore salwars. Even Mughals (1526-1748AD) popularised them. Women from Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh wore kurta, salwar/churidar and dupattas. Bollywood stars also wear them in modern era.

Latest and Glamorous Bollywood Salwar Kameez Designs for Women in India.

Let we have to look the top 9 designs of Bollywood Salwar Suits.

1. Beige Bollywood Salwar Suit:

bollywood salwar suit

Suit’s colour is beige. Salwar and kurta are made of raw silk. Kurta has U shape neck and traditional design. Semi stitched jacket and collar is present. Dupatta is netted and black. Embroidery work is present on kurta and dupatta.

2. Pink Anarkali Bollywood Salwar Kameez:

Pink Anarkali Suit

Ever since Lahore court dancers wore Anarkali, the style became popular. Kurta with U shaped neckline has Tricolors namely pink, dark pink and maroon for patchwork. It is used at lower border, shoulders and between elbows to forearm of full sleeves. Kurta is silver with silver net, brass, silverware, thread embroidery, lace. Bottom is matching with Rani pink dupatta.

3. Yellow-Red Bollywood Suit:

Yellow-red Suit

Anarkali, full length, yellow kurta has plunging neckline bordered with pink cloth. On top from neck area to abdomen, there is elaborate embroidery in silver zari and pink thread. End of the silver decoration there is a long pink cloth reaching the lower edge. At the lower edge there is a wavy border of red cloth. Salwar is matching the red border at the edge of kurta. The dupatta is pink in colour and matches the pink material from the abdomen to the edge.

4. Orange and Pink Bollywood Salwar Suit:

Ochre and Pink

Full length kurta reaches ankles and has dull sleeves. Starting from neckline to the chest, lower edge and lower sleeves there is embroidery. Colours used brown, white, and yellow. Embroidery is broader near the base and tapering towards the top in lower edge. Here, there are alternate golden and pink borders. Same border is present on the sleeves. Salwar is pink. Dupatta is pink with yellow border.

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5. Fawn Coloured Suit:

Fawn Coloured Suit design

Salwar, Kurta, Dupatta are all fawn coloured. There is dark pink coloured border to break the monotony. Dupatta is transparent with pink, golden coloured border and embroidered border. There are tiny mirror works that have a finishing of a floral design. Also, there is a tassel made with pink and purple. Same transparent material is made for kurta with same coloured base. Kurta also has similar designs and mirror work.

6. Shaded Bollywood Salwar Suit:

Shaded Suit

Full length kurta is shaded blending orange to red. High neckline plunges to lower neck. Beige thread embroidery is in neck area to the waist area. Near lower edge there are three rows of same embroidery work. The dupatta and salwar are red.

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7. Pink-White Bollywood Salwar Kameez:

Pink-white Suit

Three piece suit where inner one cannot be seen. Long, kurta is pink reaching past the knees at the back and in front reaches the knees. The front is open with high collar. White embroidered border and white floral patterns are present all over. Kurta looks warm. The Salwar is white and like trousers.

8. Red-Black Suit:

Red-Black Suit8

Red kurta has high neckline.Over the chest, there are red self-design left-to-right stripes. Full sleeves have red self-designed V facing shoulders and from elbows, there are printed flowers. Kurta’s waist-down is plain, dotted with red embroidery. Kurta reaches past knees. On the edge there is a broad golden self-designed border.

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9. Black-Gold Suit:

Black-Gold Suit9

Full length kurta reaches near ankles with a golden belt around waist. High neck with collar has golden work. This golden work is in chest area and below the waist. Size of the design varies in collar, chest and below the waist. There is a golden border at lower edge. Full transparent black sleeves have black borders. Salwar is black. Dupatta is black with golden border.

We conclude Bollywood salwar suits are elaborately made to suit the taste of stars. They can wear them onset and offset while attending ceremonies. These could be to collect their awards, attend weddings and many more.

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