Top 9 Braid Hairstyles For Men

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There are various types of braided African looks that a person can sport. These are done from reputed parlours or a person can take some helping hands from people who know how they can do these. These can be done with cream and often heat is applied to make the strands wavy and then these are made. These are quite fashionable but at the same time these require maintenance.

Braid Hairstyles for Men

These should be properly cleansed with deep cleansing cleaners. These days many celebs sport these and also these can be worn with any type of funky get ups and other accessories. If a person wants then pony can be done to make this formal.

Braid Hairstyles For Men:

Below are the top 9 types of braid hairstyles for men which a person should definitely try out.

1. Asymmetric Fashion Braids:

Asymmetric fashion braids

These are done on frizzy textures which are usually difficult to manage and therefore these are set till the length of the strands till the tips.

2. Fashionable Thin Braids:

Fashionable thin braids

This is a fashionable and very funky type of look. These can be sport quite easily with any type of funky out fits. These are often done with creams and other sprays. If a person wants then they can sport these for parties. The bun at back makes this more formal which also minimizes the messed appearance.

3. Sectional Thick Pony:

Sectional thick pony

This is a look where the ropes of sections have been shifted to the front and also a thick pony at the back top makes this look formal. This is funky and also can be sported with other casual and even formal t shirts or out fits.

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4. Temporary Medium Length Locks:

Temporary medium length locks

Edgy cuts are very popular. These are temporary sectioning done with heat and other products. These are good for sporting occasionally. A person can do these when going out for partying and also for any formal wear. Reputed salons can offer styling like these.

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