Top 9 Braided Bun Hairstyles For Long and Short Hair

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Buns and braids have been around since forever and with time everything has gone through different changes and modifications. Much like our cities, technologies, ideas and even outlooks, our lifestyles have changed too. The fashion and the trend we now sport are all a part and parcel of the previous existing fashions and here we incorporate the two most desirable hair ideas to form a complete new hairstyle.

How To Do Braided Bun Hairstyles:

Today’s article talks about the various ways you can use braids to form a bun. Try these new awesome bun and braid hairstyles ideas and bring a new spice to your everyday boring hairstyle.

1. The Ballerina Bun:

latest Braided bun hairstyles - The Ballerina Bun

To get this bun with braiding hair look, back brush your hair and tie it in a pony. Prior to this leave a chunk of lock on the front. Now take a strand of hair from the front lock and another strand from the pony and then start tying them in a braid. Once you go ahead with the braid by picking up more hair from the pony you will end up with the ballerina braid. End the pony and then wrap it around.

2. The Flower Braid:

braided bun hairstyles - The Flower Braid

To get this flower braid hairstyle start by taking a small chunk of front lock from one side and start braiding it French style till you’re halfway down through the middle. While you’re at it start braiding it diagonally so that you edge towards the right from the left. Now again start going left with another braid and complete it. Now fan the braid and roll it into a flower bun.

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3. The Two Braided Look:

braided bun hairstyles - The Two Braided Look

Start by tying the hair into a pony. You can keep loose ends on the front to sport locks. Once the pony is done segment the hair into two parts and start braiding them separately. Fan the braid properly to add volume to the look. Now wrap and roll the braid into a bun and add a bow to add some fun.

4. The Wrapped Braid:

braided bun hairstyles - The Wrapped Braid

This is a simple enough look which you can obtain very easily. For this you would require four five hair clips. Segment the hair into three or four parts and then separately start braiding them. Once the braid is done start rolling them up and pinning them thereby forming a bun eventually.

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