Top 9 Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair 2018

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Long hair, don’t care is the motto but maintaining a long mane is more work than you imagine. At all times, a long mane is prone to tangling and breakage if not carefully maintained.

Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Then again with longer hair, the styling capacity of the growing hair. The longer the hair the longer you can stretch its limits to new innovations. Today in this article we talk about the various different types of braid hairstyles that can style a long hair with incorporation of braids.

Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Let’s have a look into step by step procedure of braid hairstyles for long hair.

The Upper Band:

braids for long hair - The Upper Band

The hairstyle incorporates a band which is to be tied around your head only to later meet at the back. The band can be made by using the hair from one side. The French style shall be incorporated all the way to the back of the head and then improvise with the rest of the look. The braid should be done in such a way that a band is formed. This easy long braided hair can be a cool office look.

The Loosened Braid:

The Loosened Braid - long hair braids

If you have too many short tresses down the line and you are always worried about some wayward little lock freeing itself independent, opt for this look which is quite simple and at the same time trendy. Keep the loose locks free flowing and tie a loose braid all the way down.

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The Colliding Look:

The Colliding Look - long braids

You like a good flowing hair of tresses and at the same time you wish to incorporate some fun in your every day hair. This is why the colliding braid look here is perfect for your changing desires. Start with sectioning a part of your hair from the side and halfway through abruptly end the braid and secure it with a thin tie. Use curls to hide the end of the braid.

The One Sided Braid:

braid styles for long hair - The One Sided Braid

This one right here is one of the most neat and tidy braid look that is fir both for a casual café date or a business presentation. Starting from one side, French style your hair all the way through to the other side and start picking up stray hairs down your way. Use this look well with a summer dress and some flats and your ready for a sunny day outing.

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The Lopsided Braid:

The Lopsided Braid - long braided hair

The lopsided braid is nothing but simple hair braids for long hair that has been loosened to add volume to the braid. Just like a messy out of the bed hairstyle, this is a messy out of the bed braid. Use your simple three strand braid and then loosen it all the way down. At the end of the braid, secure a pin firmly to add to the loosened effect.

The Fishtail Look:

The Fishtail Look - hairstyles for long hair braids

There are various types of braids other than your simple three strands which can be used to create a newer look to your hair. The fishtail braid is just another braid pattern where through the use of two strands a beautiful braid can be made. Section your hair out in two parts for the look.

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The Neat Look:

easy braids for long hair - The Neat Look

Start with a simple ponytail but make sure a chunk of lock from the front is left out of the equation. Start braiding the front strands and in the process incorporate some hair from your pony and soon you will be left with and integrated braid which can then be rolled up.

The Infused Look:

long braids hairstyles - The Infused Look

This is a collaboration of the waterfall and mermaid braid where a sleek waterfall braid is created across the head and then quickly followed by using the free strands to create a mermaid braid.

The Crossroads Collide:

braided hairstyles for long hair

This is just a simple zigzag of different shapes of long hair braids to create a newer look. The top of your head is the main focus which is followed by continuous braids down the line.

Finally, having braided hairstyles for long hair in different patterns not only enhance your beauty and also stimulate the curiosity in others on your way of styles to follow.

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