15 Most Effective Exercises To Reduce Breast Size

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8. Palm Tree Pose (Tadasana):

Tadasana (2)

Stand with the feet apart. Raise hands above your head, keeping the fingers interlocked. Press the palm toward the ceiling, completely stretching the elbows. Lift the rib cage and raise heels. Then come back to the toes. It is an important yoga exercise to reduce breast size by removing fat from the breast and body at the same time.

9. Leg Raise:

Leg lifting

Lie flat on the floor and place the arms to your sides. Draw the stomach muscles into the spine. Inhale and raise the legs off the floor, keeping the knees straight. Keep the buttocks on the floor and hold your breath for a few seconds. Then exhale and lower your legs to the floor. Repeat this workout for five to ten times. It is the best breast reducing exercise and give perfect shape to your breast if you do this workout regularly.

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10. Shoulder Shrugs:

shoulder shurgs

When looking for exercises to reduce breast size, don’t forget to include your favorite gesture in the list. The shoulder shrugs that is. You might need a little more practice for the same, since this is not you showing disapproval about something your partner did, but trying to get your breast in shape. Stand straight first and foremost and then shrug keeping your shoulders straight almost so they touch your earlobe. Your elbows should be straight as well and keep your hands alongside your upper thigh. You don’t need to do shoulder rolls with this, just the basic shrug will do fine by itself.

11. Upright Rows:

This is very simple and best exercise to reduce breast size naturally. The next breast reduction exercise asks for you to stand straight yet again, but this time with your feet kept apart. Raise your hand place it straight in front of your thighs. This will allow some pressure to both your hands and shoulders. Pull your hand up with the weight you are holding and then follow your body figure accordingly. Your elbows should always be higher up than your hands when you are doing this exercise. It tones your arms and helps reduce the excess bloating from your upper body, including your breast.

12. Anterior Front Raises:

Exercise To Reduce Breast Size - Anterior Front Raises

The next breast reduction exercise is much like the previous one you went through. Works the same way in getting rid of the excess fat on your upper body as well, and the only difference in the process is you need to work on your arm raise. The reach of your hand should be around your shoulder’s height and your arm should this time be parallel to the ground. So you don’t have to worry about keeping your elbow out of your hand’s way or higher than that for the record. This exercise is easier and can be performed twice each day easily.

13. Side Raises:

Exercise To Reduce Breast Size - Side Raises

When you are looking for an answer to how to reduce breast size with exercise, this one will help you easily. We can assume you wanted to fly when you were a child and pretended to lift your arms high up and swaying it all around the room. Now, it is time to put that to use. Begin by keeping a straight posture and then place your palms each facing the thigh. Make sure your elbows are straight and next; raise your arms, so they are yet again at a parallel position form the ground. Repeat 5 times, but make sure you take a 10 second pause each time before beginning the next set. This is one of the powerful breast reductions exercises with out side effects.

14. Jogging:

Exercise To Reduce Breast Size - Jogging

Jogging is a great exercise for breast reduction. If you swear by the music you choose day in and day out, this exercise will be your best deal and the most effective remedy for your breast size that you want to bring down. Step out of the house with your headphones on the second you see the sun rise through the horizon. Don’t forget to let your legs take you places. Of course take breaks occasionally to stop tiring out easily. This exercise reduces fat from all parts of the body equally well, so is also ideal if you are overweight.

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15. Hip Shift:

Exercise To Reduce Breast Size - Hip Shift

The connection that your breasts and hip have is undeniable. Now to the exercise that makes both the tissues toned well. Hip shift is easy. All you have to do is begin by standing straight and keeping your hands raised upward. Lock your palms and place them at a parallel position from the ground. Release your finger, the index one only, and inhale as you begin to push your hip away from your body and lower yourself. Now, exhale as you bring back your body to the original position. The arm stretch with this exercise helps tone your chest and the hip shift focuses on your hip. Two benefits in one exercise.

All these exercises to reduce breast size and bust area and tone the chest muscles. These workouts tighten the chest muscle and make your breasts look like they have been lifted. Here we come up with list of exercises to reduce breast size at home.

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