50 Latest And Modern Bridal Hairstyles With Images

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A very normal wedding day scenario plans out with all the cliches, people running about, organizing, planning and executing, flowers and garlands being tied to the posts, hustling waiters are finishing up with the last touches while the wedding party is still in their green room striving to get that perfect wings to their liner. Now, amongst the busy bees in the makeup room, a slight tension that was building since morning has now finally taken a full form. Amidst the bustle, one of the rampant questions that kept occurring and reoccurring surrounded around what hairstyle to opt for. The bride to be has been going over it for quite some time now and yet at the end of the day, much like most of us girls, hairstyles, the perfect ones to fit the occasions have still been nothing but a question mark.


Be it a prom night or just a picnic date, as a girl a huge part of our dress up is ruled by hairstyles, mainly picking the right one for the right occasion and a wedding is the perfect time to explore the varieties. Then again, no wedding is ever the same much like the brides to be. An Indian wedding would go for something more extravagant while a non-Indian wedding would prefer a much low key simple hairdo with maybe an extravagant flowing gown. To sum it up in a nutshell, every wedding takes on a different challenge and here we have some of the best ones mentioned.

Wedding is your day and you must make sure you look the best among all. Hairstyle plays the most amazing role in enhancing your look on that wedding day. So get the best bridal hairstyles you can.

Best Bridal Hairstyles With Pictures:

Following are the finest bridal hairstyles along with its pictures for you which are perfectly suitable for any type of dresses.

1. The Twist:

bridal hairstyles1

Keeping it simple is as easy as it gets. A small twist and tuck is just what you need to keep the look going. This hairstyle is especially for the brides who would rather choose simplicity over extravagance. Over the heavily ornamented draping, flaunt a flawless head of hair with the front two locks tied and knotted in a twist pinned down with bobby pins.

2. The Under Band:

bridal hairstyles2

It’s always preferable if you can just add a little embellishment to your everyday look. The hairstyle starts with a loose front lock curled and styled while the rest of the hair is tied into a pony at the back. Now section out the pony into three four parts and tie it into a bun with the band placed underneath to add to the zeal of the look. This is one of the most popular bridal hairstyles which is very fine with lose curly band.

3. The Outer Band:

bridal hairstyles3

Much like the lower band here is yet another band embellishment bridal hairstyle, this time on the outer side of the bun. However, this bun is quite different than just a regular bun. To start off the hair from the crown is sectioned out and puffed up eventually being pinned by the band. Now section out the hair into different assortments, rolling them and tucking them underneath the band thereby making a bun in the process.

4. The Side Band:

bridal hairstyles4

This is yet another variation to the band buns where the same look is now being transferred to the side of the bun. Twisting the hair into different layers, once again try it into a bun and then attach the side band. This bridal hair style is very simple to that particular wedding day also.

5. The Side Roll:

bridal hairstyles5

A classic Indian bridal hairstyle would mean some rolls and tucks here and there and the back of the look depends entirely on what the bride’s preference is but for the front, section out equal chunks of the front lock and start twisting them backwards until you reach the middle before pinning them both to the back look.

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6. The Side Braid:

bridal hairstyles6

Braids form one of the classic Indian hairstyles in the look book and here we have a classic mix up of the both a bun and a braid into one hairdo. Starting off with this look, section out the front lock and tie a French braid with it until you reach the end where the rest of the hair can be bundled into a bun.

7. The Underneath Braid:

bridal hairstyles7

Once again we start with another bout of braids and buns, this time the braid being in a much unusual place. A side braid is indeed a common scenario and thus here is a little modification to the age old hairstyle where the braid starts from the underneath and eventually forms a side bun. This one occupies best place in the braid.

8. The Top Pin Up:

bridal hairstyles8

A high knot is the best especially for the summer weddings when hair and makeup can be a real high maintenance ordeal. Hence, the best way to deal with this would be a summer knot on the top ornamented by flowers and bands. You can start the look with a simple pony and then curl it individually into a high bun.

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