46 Best Bridal Mehndi Designs With Images

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As per Hindu traditions, bridal mehandi is considered to be an integral part of the bride’s beauty which is also considered to be a sign of prosperity that will bring happiness and good luck in her new life.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Different types of mehndi are available these days in market like red and black mehndi or artificial henna tattoo. Arabic mehandi styles, simple styles, Marwari styles or any other regional styles of mehndi designs are good for wedding occasions.

Best Bridal Mehndi Designs With Pictures:

Following are the best bridal mehndi designs perfect for all types of wedding occasions:

1. Rajasthani Mehandi Designs For Wedding Occassions:

Bridal Mehndi Designs1

Rajasthani mehndi designs includes unique patterns and motifs which makes the hand full with its intricate design. Such designs are more preferred during wedding occasions. Such designs are very subtle and perfect for bridal mehndi.

2. Cute Flower Mehndi Design:

Bridal Mehndi Designs2

Traditional flower and leaves motifs are always a favorite for the brides. Using unique designs on the fingers make a mehndi design look more fresh and adorable.Such detailed mehndi designs where the borders are kept darker makes a bride to draw attention of many.

3. Full Hand Bridal Mehendi Designs:

Bridal Mehndi Designs3

A full hand mehendi designs with very minutes detailing looks great on the front hand portion too. Beautifully nail polished nails makes the hand look prettier.Flower and other motifs can be highlighted by shading them too. Such heavy bridal designs are also suitable for other occasions too besides the weddings.

4. Circular Flower Mehandi Design For Brides:

Bridal Mehndi Designs4

In earlier times when designs were that popular, women’s used to simply form round circular motifs or make flowers placed exactly in the center of the palm. The center design is connected with the finger designs by using either small circular motifs, flowers or by simply using dots. A circular motif is very elegant and refined and doesn’t allow the design to clutter with each other.

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5. Simple Bridal Mehandi Designs:

Bridal Mehndi Designs5

Brides can also go for simple mehendi designs with interesting patterns in the designs such as one shown in the below picture. The design is very unique because of its one sided style which is made denser with using many small dots and flowers.

6. Bridal Mehndi Designs For Foot:

Bridal Mehndi Designs6

Some brides like to wear simple designs on the foot as they are hard to keep on for longer hours but most of the brides go for heavy foot mehndi designs as it makes the foot look more beautiful. Before applying this bridal mehndi on foot have a well pedicure toes and waxed legs.

7. Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Designs For Occasions:

Bridal Mehndi Designs For Occassions

This semi-heavy mehndi design is perfect for any family functions or occasions.The design is mainly made with leafs of all sizes and shapes along with few circular fine detailing patterns. The thick weaved patterns with many dots and shadings on the finger looks beautiful.

8. Black And Red Bridal Mehandi Designs:

Bridal Mehndi Designs 8

Black and red mehndi are another type of bridal mehndi which contrast the skin well. Such mehndi can be used to decorate the full hands. Red colored mehndi are generally used to fill the motifs and flowers whereas black colored mehndi is used to make border.

9. Latest Bridal Mehndi Design:

Bridal Mehndi Designs9

A very complex design with big gaps in-between the patterns make a mehndi design richer. The design is extended towards the elbow with big intricate design which completes the designs. It is also important that a mehndi design is well synchronized with each other, the front and back hand design should not be identical though they should complement each other.

10. Wonderful Bridal Mehandi Designs For Full Hands:

Bridal Mehndi Designs10

Floral or round bridal mehndi designs in the hands look wonderful in every size. Flowers are made in between the intricate design and with dark outline the flowers look more intense.

11. Simple Mehndi Design For Brides:

Bridal Mehndi Designs11

Simple mehndi design when well organised or arranged with other materials like flowers or jewelleries, they gives the bride a perfect look for the other wedding functions look. The finger tips are kept clean to put the main focus on the jewelleries like rings, bangles etc.

12. Big Flowers Mehandi Designs For Brides:

Bridal Mehndi Designs12

Mehndi can also be applied to the foot till ankle part too. Big flowers are the best bridal designs and they look more contrasting with criss-cross lines.

13. Peacock Bridal Mehandi Designs:

Bridal Mehndi Designs13

Many artists have started making designs which looks complete when both the hands are joined together. Just like the below picture, the designs looks beautiful and meaningful when both the palms are joined side by side. In this bridal design petals of all sizes have been used and minute detailing has been done on them. In many religions, the first alphabet of the grooms name is kept hidden in the design.

14. Cool Leg Peacock Mehndi Design:

Bridal Mehndi Designs14

Combining different motifs in a single design also looks great but they should be well placed as using so many patterns and motifs in a single design can often over-look the design. Try to make designs on the outer sides of the body where the best design can be flaunt unlike the above picture where the main design is made in the inner side of the leg.

15. Ohm Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Bridal Mehndi Designs 15

Mehndi on the front hand looks more sensuous when they are accessorised with beautiful elements. With just simple rings and bangles, a mehndi design is perfect for completing a bridal look.The finger tips have been fully covered with mehndi which later gives a dark shade helping in highlighting the fingers.

16. Elaborate Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands And Legs:

Bridal Mehndi Designs16

Many girls like elaborate mehndi designs for their weddings and some like simple yet  long designs covering the hands till arms and knee. A floral design with few additions of big circular motifs enhances the design.

17. Gujarati Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Bridal Mehndi Designs17

While opting for intense designs ask your artist to darken the borders of few big motifs specially the flowers borders.  Darkening the borders allows the mehendi to create difference between two patterns. Intricate or intense design is mainly made in the palm portion while the rest of the hand is generally filled up with check-boxes or criss-cross lines.  Don’t forget to fill up completely the finger tips to make your hands look more beautiful.

18. Black Mehndi For Brides Hands:

Bridal Mehndi Designs18

Black mehndi makes brides hands look more gorgeous than the traditional brown mehndi and it also makes the design prominent and beautiful. Now days mehndi artist are using black mehndi to draw outlines in the traditional brown mehndi. Black mehndi helps to make a simplest design elegant and beautiful.

19. Smart Bridal Mehandi Design For Your Hands And Feet:

Bridal Mehndi Designs19

If you are not happy the intricate and intense design for your feet, you can select the designs which just covers the toes and little above portion. Just shown as in the picture, wear big traditional anklets to glamour up your legs.

20. Dark Brown Color Bridal Mehandi For Wedding Occasions:

Bridal Mehndi Designs20

Simple designs look very beautiful and charming when they become dark brown in color. Such deep shades of colors makes a bride fairer even when done in a simple way. The darker the color, the prettier a bride looks on her big day. Gold ornaments also enhance the glamour quotient of the bride.

Bridal Mehndi Designs 20.a

21. Arabic Style Peacock Mehndi Designs Perfect For The Brides:

Bridal Mehndi Designs21

Such heavily designed mehndi are perfect for the brides who like to keep simple yet traditional designs alive. Peacock designs are on the earliest birds which were included in designing mehndi on hands and legs.

22. Wrist Length Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Bridal Mehndi Designs22

Wrist length mehndi are also much in fashion these days as they are easier to keep and looks equally beautiful. Keeping gaps in between the designs and shading few portions enhances the designs. Such designs define the artist creativity with mixing the simple portions with very fine detailed work. The fingers are kept simple with bigger motifs while the palm portion is filled up in few parts.

23. Popular Peacock Mehandi Design For Bridal Hands:

Bridal Mehndi Designs23

Peacock mehndi designs are very popular for bridal hands and legs. In mehndi designs a whole peacock is not drawn. Only few peacock like motifs or half peacocks are used to give the design more divine look.

24. Big Round Bridal Mehandi Patterns:

Bridal Mehndi Designs24

For short and sweet mehndi designs select the round or circular motifs in the design. Ask your artists to draw big circular patterns and decorate them with petals, leaves, lines or with dots. These kinds of designs are perfect for engagement and wedding night as the fingers are kept clean to be decorated with rings which also add some softness in the look.

25. Maroon Bridal Mehandi For Wedding Outfits:

Bridal Mehndi Designs25

Red or maroon is the most preferred color for wedding outfits. Red colored mehndi with black outlines are also suitable for such occasions where the bride is supposed to wear red or maroon dress. The red color mehndi looks best with flowers and avoiding the circular motifs try squares also. With minute detailing and colorful accessory, they also look pretty.

26. Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands:

Bridal Mehndi Designs26

Fingers are also important for mehndi designing. Simply just designing the fingers and palm portion, a mehndi look much more modern and trendy. The design is set aside with least patterns and floral motifs of all sizes have been used to complete this beautiful mehndi.

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27. Complete Floral Mehandi Design For Brides:

bridal mehndi design.27

Complete floral mehandi designs with few dark borders and gaps makes a design look very trendy and stylish. Weaves are beautifully used to glamorize the mehndi design. Such designs are apt for both the modern and traditional brides.

28. Rajasthani / Marwari Bridal Mehendi Design:

Bridal Mehndi Designs28

A Rajasthani or Marwari design includes featuring the brides and grooms picture in the mehndi design. Such designs are definitely unique as they use all the different types of patterns and motifs in a single design yet manage to look beautiful.

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29. Stone Bridal Mehandi Designs For Engagement Parties:

Bridal Mehndi Designs29

Simple wrist length mehndi are the best for engagement parties. The fingers are kept minimal which allows putting focus on the rings. Simple mehndi designs looks beautiful when they are customized according to the outfits.

30. Bridal Mehndi Designs For Arms To Hands:

Bridal Mehndi Designs30

The use of colorful stones, gems and sparkles takes a mehndi design to another level. Decorating a mehndi designs with colorful beads makes it more appealing. Just make sure you don’t over-size them as they can also make a simple design look little cluttered. Though bridal mehndi are said to be pure but still one should be cautions regarding few things.

31. The Punjabi Bridal Mehndi Design:

Punjabi bridal mehndi design

This particular bridal mehndi design will get the job done if you want to look the most beautiful you have ever been on your wedding day. The design is filled with small confusing patterns along with dots and lines which make the design look totally different from the designs you have seen till now. This is one of the best bridal mehndi out there and Indian brides would love to sport this design.

32. The Best Indian Bridal Mehndi:

best Indian bridal mehndi

Looking for bridal mehndi? Here is a beautiful bridal mehndi design which will absolutely blow your mind. One cannot simply appreciate the beauty of this design enough. The patterns in this mehndi are so alluring that anyone will fall in love with this design. It sports a beautiful pattern along with small dotted and criss-cross patterns.

33. The Bridal Mehndi For Palms and Forearms:

bridal mehndi for palms and forearms

Here, we can see that that palms as well the forearms are decorated with intricate design. Even the tip if the finger is beautified with henna art patterns which make the design look extremely alluring. Who wouldn’t love to wear this designer mehndi on their wedding day? The design will be suitable for other family occasions as well.

34. The Mehndi Design For The Whole Hand:

mehndi design for the whole hand

Are you in need of bridal mehndi designs? Then, here we have an impressive bridal mehndi which will make a bride’s day. Any women will divine once she gets her hands decorated with this authentic mehndi design. The design comes with small and straight line patterns which are so alluring that it can easily impress anyone.

35. The Crispy  Bridal Mehndi Design For Weddings:

deep bridal mehndi design for weddings

India weddings are filled with light, flowers, colors and awesome food. Mehndi is an important ritual in the India wedding. Here, we can see that the hands are beautifully decorated with awesome mehndi designs which come with floral and small intricate outlines. The design is so alluring that anyone will fall in love with the beauty of this design. Brides would happily carry this awesome design on their arms. Along with the palms, the wrist and upper arms are also beautified with this design.

36. The Best Cross Floral Mehndi Design:

best floral bridal mehndi design

Floral mehndi is a common sight in Indian weddings. The brides mostly like to carry the floral pattern on their hands. Here, the hands are densely decorated with mehndi and the heavy and deep proportion of henna in this design makes it look so unique. Apart from bridal purposes, this mehndi also finds it application in many other Indian occasions as well.

37. The Indian God Mehndi Design For Bridal Functions:

Indian god mehndi design

In this mehndi design, we can see the pictures of Indian gods in this design. The mehndi is so alluring that people won’t be able to able to take their eyes of this design. Any beautiful bride will look extra beautiful once she decorates herself with this mehndi design. On the left palm, we can see a picture of the traditional Indian king and queen design.

38. The Indian Bridal Premium Mehndi Design For Arms And Legs:

Indian bridal premium mehndi design for arms and legs

Who will not fall this beautiful bridal mehndi design intended for both arms and legs? Here, we can see the application of a different kind of mehndi ink. The design is very alluring and comes with the ability to impress anyone who looks at the beauty of this design. The mehndi is very attractive and can be sported by the bride as well the bridesmaids.

39. The Love Mehndi Design For Bridal Purposes:

love mehndi design for bridal purposes

This Raja Rani or King Queen mehndi design is probably one of the most mainstream mehndi designs for bridal occasions. Any bride would want the Raja to look her husband. The mehndi also sports a heart-shaped design which will only be visible once the two arms are joined. How cannot one simply love this mehndi design? It sports beautiful patterns along with alluring patterns which will make a women wear this mehndi.

40. The Thick Black Mehndi For Brides:

black mehndi for brides

This is a black Arabic mehndi design which is done by many Indian brides. This is a popular design among the India brides and they often like to sport this design. This mehndi is one of the best mehndi’s ever sported by Indian women. The design comes with unique patterns which make this mehndi look so attractive. You can;t just ignore this black mehndi. Until you get it done on your arms you will be thinking 24/7 about this design.

41. The Curvy Mehndi Design For the Wrists:

curvy mehndi design for the wrists

Just look at this design. It will totally make your day. Once you wake up and see this mehndi design on your arms you will fell good about yourself since you’re wearing this design. The inner palms are however decorated with a design different from the wrists. The writs are forearms are beautified with a different kind of design which sports beautiful patterns. The fingers are also decorated with another unique pattern which hasn’t been displayed on this list of best bridal mehndi designs before.

42. The Pakistani Bridal Mehndi For the Feet:

Pakistani bridal mehndi for the feet

This particular Pakistani bridal mehndi will work best for the feet. Indian brides love sporting mehndi designs on their feet. Here, the fingers and upper portions of the feet are decorated with beautiful floral designs. The mehndi is so alluring that anyone would want to carry this design on their feet. The whole feet has been beautified with this authentic mehndi design.

43. The Modern Bridal Mehndi Design:

latest bridal mehndi design

This design is new in the market and almost every bride in the country are seeking artists to help them sport this particular mehndi design. A lot of hard work has been put into this mehndi design which is clearly evident from the beauty and allure of this design.

44. The Eccentric Brown Mehndi For The Feet:

simple brown mehndi for the feet

This is a pretty simple mehndi design which will look great on the feet. The design is pretty alluring and one would love to carry this design on their feet. The mehndi has been beautified with small and cute patterns which spread throughout the feet.

45. The Adorable Bridal Mehndi Design:

Arabic bridal mehndi design

This particular bridal mehndi has been highly sported by women throughout the country.

46. The Cool Mehndi For Wedding Purposes:

simple mehndi for wedding purposes

This wedding mehndi design has been claimed to be one of the most simple and easy wedding mehndi design for the brides.

Only the plant derived traditional mehndi are 100% pure and are safe to use. Such plant derived mehndi are known be used from thousand years without any problems and they gives a rich orange, burgundy, brown or coffee color on application. Always remember that plant derived mehndi are never black nor they are safe. So stay away from black mehandi as they can cause damage to your skin.

Mehndi is an important part of the Indian weddings and without the mehendi ritual the wedding is incomplete. The mehndi designs discussed in the list above are some of the most recommended mehandi designs for brides and are been done by the best mehndi artists in the country.


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