9 Best Looking Broad Neck Blouse Designs at Back & Front

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With the change of time, Saree designs have changed from simple to designer wear. Along with it, the blouse designs also got a drastic change in patterns. From a long list of blouse patterns, the broad neck blouse designs are getting much popularity these days. The design not only gives the shoulders and back an attractive look but is also widely comfortable for the women who are slight heavy in weight.

Saree Blouse Designs for Broad Shoulders:

Let’s move through some beautiful broad neck blouses which are quite liked this season.

1. Plain Strip Design Blouse:

broad neck blouse designs

A plain green blouse designs for broad shoulders is given stripes design with the silver lace of the Saree to give it an elegant looking. The back design is give a square look with two lace stripes on the top and bottom.

2. Circular Back Design:

Circular Back Design

A pattern quite popular for designer wear on lehengas,It is the blouse pattern made with gamthi material. The blouse is given a pack neck design in the front while it gives a circular pattern behind with bound borders. The broad neck Saree blouse is generally carried with plain or printed sarees.

3. Pot Design Blouse:

Pot Design Blouse

A quite liked Saree blouse designs for broad shoulders is the one which is given a pot look from behind. The back neck is given curves that form a pot design bordered with laces on both sides. The pattern is widely carried on bracket material for marriages.

4. Hexagonal Neck Design:

Hexagonal Neck Design

Hexagonal patterns are quite trendy among the blouse designs for broad necks. It gives a comfort level at the back and shoulders for an amazing look. The blouse is given a deep pattern from behind while from front, it is given slight narrow cuts which add to its beauty.

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