30 Most Popular Bun Hairstyles With Images

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Bun hairstyles have always been in trend. It is one of those hairstyles that would stay even as time passes. Whether it is a fine evening, a college event, or worse a bad hair day, buns have been one of the best hairstyles to put together. Messy buns and chignon buns seem to be a rage this season. Messy buns are the best to go for, if you are in a hurry to attend an event.

Bun hairstyles

A chignon bun usually takes lot of time and effort and is usually ideal for gowns and cocktail dresses. Some of the styles also suit people with shirt hair. Take a look at some of the bun hairstyles this season and see which one would suit you the best.

Simple And Easy Bun Hairstyles With Pictures:

Below we have given best bun hairstyles with photos which are very easy to do and follow also.

1. Half Way Curled Chignon Bun:

This is best suited for people with shoulder length hair. Tie your hair in a low pony fashion. And now gently twist your hair and pin it up with a hair clip in an upward fashion. The rest of the hair would be left untied giving it a curly or wavy finish. This bun hairstyle is quite easy to do. It is midway between a messy and chignon bun.

2. Big Curled Classic Bun:

Tie your hair similar to the bun mentioned above. However, tie your bun in a neat manner and curl the open hair perfectly to make them look like larger curls, using a barrel curler. This look is great for evening parties. The curls add more elegance. This is one of the simplest bun hairstyles for women which is suitable for all parties.

3. Sleeker Side Bun:

This type of hair buns are slightly difficult to do. This hair requires a lot of time and patience to do. This bun mixes a lot of braids, twists and turns to give that extra elegant look. This look is well suited for weddings and family functions. Use a flower to make this look even more adorable.

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4. Curly Rolls Back Hair Bun:

This works well for people with short hair. This can be usually tied towards the side, to make the bun more visible. This also requires few twists and turns. Also make sure that you curl the ends using a curler. This type of hair buns make your beauty more elegant.

5. Messy Low Side Hair Bun:

This is one of the best bun hairstyles that can be done pretty easily. The hair works well for a lot of Indian outfits, mostly sarees, lehengas, etc. This hair bun is usually tied low with the help of clips and pins and tied towards side.

6. Soft Back Bun:

A messy back bun is best suited for shoulder length hair. It is very easy to do as well. All you need to do is gather all your hair, like how you do a ponytail and then tie it up with a bun. If you have some short hair in the front, let them hang loose. If you have bangs, it makes the hairstyle even more delightful.

7. Braided Side Bun:

Here is a hairstyle that mixes both a braid and a bun together. You can get this style by simply braiding your hair towards one side and then knotting it with a band. Then roll it up and tie it little low almost near the nape. This is one of the best in the list of different types of hair buns with simplicity.

8. Twisted Low Bun:

This is one of the most popular wedding hairstyles with twisted bun. Now here is how you can get this look. Comb your hair and untangle all of it. Gather all your hair to the back and twist it from the bottom. Then roll your hair up till the middle of the back side of your head, and then secure it firmly in place with pins or clips. You could also use fashionable brooch to make it seem even more gorgeous.

9. Side Pinned Bun:

This is yet another easy to do bun hairstyle.  To get this look, comb your hair focusing to let your natural curls and waves show. Gather your hair to one side and then roll them up a bit loosely and pin them low. If your hair seems a bit loose, use an accessory like a mini hat clip or brooch to make it seem elegant.

10. Ballerina Bun:

A ballerina bun usually comprises of a lots of twists. The hair bun is usually worn by ballerinas, due to which it gets its name. Comb and gather your hair from both ends above your hair. Now partition your hair into upper and lower section. Roll the upper section into a nice bun and pin it almost close but slightly away from the center of your head. From the lower portion make tiny small sections and twist them and pin them up into the bun.

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