Butterfly Kiss – How to do and Meanings

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Sometimes, we wait for a long time for the right one to come along. While some of us wait for years, some do not afford to miss out on even a single person. We are all in this quest to find some love and we run and fall and rise back up and start running again. The cycle of this running and falling doesn’t end until the right one comes along. While heartbreaks have a heavy price, love doesn’t come for free either. Love is a magical, electrifying and a roller coaster ride to be on.

Many often tend to be in love for years together and some fall out of it in a few months. One of the main components of a relationship is physical intimacy. What starts off as a hug turns into cuddling and what might have started off as a peck on the cheek might have turned into a romantic kiss. Now, you can go on and on kissing each other and making out but if you are looking to try something different, read on.

What Is Butterfly Kiss?

how to do Butterfly Kiss

We are all aware of the existing kisses like, on the forehead, on the hand, the Eskimo Kiss, the French kiss, etc. Here’s something that you might have not heard or even thought of. Butterfly Kisses are simple form of a kiss which does not involve your lips, for a change. If you are looking to surprise your loved one, go ahead and try and flutter away. But, before you flutter your wings and give away these Butterfly Kisses, you might want to know what it means.

What Does A Butterfly Kiss Mean?

Now every form of kiss has a meaning. While a forehead kiss signifies good friendship and sometimes even respect, an Eskimo Kiss signifies affection. While a kiss on the hand is a gesture of mannerism/gentleness, a French kiss is purely romantic. Similarly, Butterfly Kisses meaning can be affection or love as it is not sensual as such but can be quite intimate. Seems pretty simple and cute doesn’t it?

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How To Butterfly Kiss?

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Now that the Butterfly Kiss meaning is quite clear to us, let’s see how to go about and master fluttering the wings and answer your question of how to do a Butterfly Kiss. The timing of this kiss can be a tricky one. You cannot just go ahead and Butterfly Kiss your loved one as it’s not a simple peck on the cheek. Butterfly Kiss is best done when you are relaxed and cuddling with your loved one or just finished kissing, which ensures that you’ll are in each other’s arms and your faces are close enough. Now if you can take your face closer to your beloveds and meet almost eye to eye, you’re in the right spot. However you need to try and match your right eye with his/her right eye or your left eye with his/her left eye. So, keep in mind to position yourself accordingly. Make sure your eyelashes are almost in contact and then, kiss. All you need to do to kiss in this particular case is to blink, and blink rapidly. This will make your eyelashes flutter like the wings of a butterfly and your companion will feel like the butterfly wings are there, caressing them.

Variations of Butterfly Kiss:

Butterfly Kiss 4

If you have been successful is beating your wings like you are just about to fly, then you might consider trying this kiss in various other places on his/her face. You will no more have a question of how to Butterfly Kiss his/her cheeks, etc. The steps are the same and the position can be varied as per your comfort and desires. You can place your kisses right from the eyelashes to cheeks to chin and down to the neck also if you want and try and experiment and note the other person’s reaction and then fix your sweet spots. After all, you want the other person to enjoy it.

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Care For A Few Tips?

Since this kiss involves your eyes and that being a very delicate and sensitive part, you need to be cautious so as to not hurt yourself or your partner in the process. If you do hurt yourself and have a sense of humor, laugh it off and continue after making sure you are fine. If you are close as a couple, there is no harm as such in mentioning this to him/her before hand, so that it won’t be an out of the box type surprise for them. That might also get them to Butterfly Kiss you while you are doing the same. If he/she is giving your one of this fluttering, close your eyes and make the most of it. You can start with the eyes and go further and move to the cheeks and other parts of the face if you both find it intimidating. Since your eyes are involved, mascara or an eyeliner might come in the way of your intimate moment which you wouldn’t want.

Now, this might not seem like one of the usual and easy to be done with kisses, but hey there lies the challenge. A relationship needs these intimate moments which brings the two closer to each other and while making out can be pretty repeating, what’s the harm in a little shuffle. A good butterfly kiss might end up lasting for more than a minute and if you are bringing in variations with regard to the places you kiss, it would be fancy.

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A butterfly kiss can be shared before/during/after kissing or at any time as long as you are close to each other. However, try and avoid it in the initial phase of a relationship as it might spook the other person out. But whenever you feel it’s the time, go ahead and flutter those wings and enjoy the feeling of being in a garden full of butterflies.