15 Best Calcium Rich Foods

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Do you have deficiency of calcium? What are the calcium rich foods? Do you know that most of the calcium in the body is found in bones? Calcium is dissolve in the blood moreover plays a significant role in the healthy functioning of the heart, blood, nerves and muscles. In condition, you do not take in sufficient calcium; your body will pull calcium from the bones plus pass it on to the blood stream. Moreover if this goes on for fairly some time, your bones will turn into weak plus you may expand osteoporosis.

15 Best Calcium Rich Foods

Effective Calcium Rich Foods In India:

Given below the list of the 15 best foods rich in calcium which can strong your bones and boosts immense system also. These all are natural fruits available in India with high range of calcium.

1. Beans:


A lot of ordinary beans are lofty in calcium. Winged beans have 442 mg of calcium per 100 g serving. A lot of white beans are very elevated in calcium. The majority white beans have concerning 175 mg of calcium per serving. Navy beans are have a huge basis of calcium, by 127 mg per cup. Beans are the ideal foods for rich in calcium.

2. Yogurt:


Yogurt is the perfect calcium rich food. A fit alternative to milk is milk products, chiefly yogurt. The culturing process makes yogurt more edible than milk. The fermentation of yogurt increases the absorption of calcium plus B-vitamins. So, an 8-ounce (225 g) portion of yogurt gets additional calcium into your body than the similar volume of milk can. Plain yogurt is not only wealthy in calcium but it contains about 10 to 14 g of protein per 8 ounces (20 percent of the everyday protein condition for most individuals.

3. Leafy Greens:

Leafy Greens

A lot of vegetables, particularly the leafy green veggies, are wealthy sources of calcium. Choose from spinach, kale, turnip, romaine, lettuce, celery, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus plus mushrooms or else toss all of them into a salad. Most of the nutrients suggest this type of leafy greens as calcium rich food.

4. Dried Herbs:


Dried savory spice hold a whopping 2132 mg of calcium for each 100 g serving. Additional dried herbs that are calcium rich comprise dill, marjoram, basil, thyme, oregano, mint, poppy seed, celery seed, parsley, rosemary and sage.

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5. Fruits, Nuts and Seeds:

Dried fruits 3

If you dislike milk plus milk products otherwise are intolerant to them, you will need more serves of other high calcium-containing foods. As eat extra almonds, dried apricots and dried figs. Now 2 dried figs can offer you 65mg of calcium. Here’s the table on calcium satisfied in fruits (fresh, dried and juice). Nuts plus seeds are wealthy in magnesium which helps your body absorb plus keep calcium. Almonds plus cashews are particularly high in magnesium.

6. Milk:

Milk - Calcium Rich Foods

Milk is the finest basis of calcium, not only for children but also for adults. Furthermore, the calcium is in a form which can be effortlessly digested plus engrossed by your body. Though findings are contradictory on whether milk is totally necessary for good bones, it is unquestionable that in adding to calcium, milk contains potassium, vitamin D, magnesium, plus vitamin A. Furthermore, your body wants vitamin D to absorb calcium. So, milk is sort of a complete calcium food.

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7. Cheese:

Calcium Rich Foods - Cheese

Cheese was also considered as the best calcium rich food. Cheese has low lactose content compare with other milk products plus so it can be well tolerate by those who suffer by lactose intolerance. It promotes re-mineralization, which is, deposition of calcium plus phosphorus in teeth, moreover also boost the strength of tooth enamel. ‘Dairy calcium, chiefly from milk plus fermented products, may defend next to periodontitis (gum disease). Therefore, go ahead plus enjoy your cheese!

8. Oranges:


Orange is healthy food rich in calcium which make you more healthy. Single cup of freshly-squeezed organic orange juice offer about 72 mg of calcium. Not to state plenty of vitamin C, that will considerably get better the quantity of calcium your body absorb. In addition vitamin C plus calcium, oranges are moreover a big source of vitamin A, potassium, and beta carotene.

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9. Broccoli:


Broccoli is one of the most essential calcium rich foods. Single cup of these green florets provides about 74 mg of calcium, together with 120mg of vitamin C that will help your body soak up the calcium. Broccoli also holds a great quantity of vitamin K, foliate, vitamin A, plus dietary fiber.

10. Tofu:

Calcium Rich Foods - Tofu

It is no surprise that Tofu is on this list of calcium rich foods. Every 100 grams of the item can give you as high as 350 mg of calcium. This is, almost one third of the calcium dose you need per day. Tofu is good for vegetarians as their calcium source since it can be used in most popular dishes and give off a great flavor. Most people love tofu for its iron content as well. So, you can bid a happy goodbye to your usual cheese sandwiches for the calcium you need. Tofu will take over and do the job equally well.

11. Almonds:

Calcium Rich Foods - Almonds

With 264 mg content per 100 gram serving, it is another of the many calcium rich foods. They are healthy for their fats and fiber and are mostly known for the same. Most tend to overlook the benefits of almonds when it comes to calcium. If you feel hungry between meals, an almond snack is a good idea. Besides, almonds can be equally healthy for your body and hair. But since we are talking of almond as a food, we will restrict that talk. A healthy dose of almond is no more than a cup of the nuts. Indulging in too much can make you gain weight and prove to be a disadvantage instead. Choose wisely and you will make the most of these miracle nuts.

12. Kale:

Calcium Rich Foods - Kale

Kale is also well known foods rich in calcium along with lot of benefits. Well, the content of 150 mg in every 100 grams is what pushes kale into this list of rich calcium foods. Kale is preferred by most health enthusiasts. It can be put into use by making exciting recipes. It is also loaded with magnesium, and obviously quite a lot of calcium. Kale has benefits of reducing cancer risks. From being put together in a salad to a smoothie or even a soup, kale will make your calcium intake innovative as long as you are ready to experiment.

13. Soybeans:

Calcium Rich Foods - Soybeans

Among food items rich in calcium, soybeans reach in for benefits that most other staple diet foods. It is one of the healthiest choices among vegetarians aside tofu. You can roast the beans to keep the nutrient content intact, as boiling drains it all, causing the calcium level that you get otherwise to drop down significantly. Soybeans can be dished out much like other legumes, however the fresh ones are preferred more than the canned ones. There are a few side effects to excess soy intake, so keep that in mind when enlisting your grocery.

14. Spinach:

Calcium Rich Foods - Spinach

It cannot come to you as a surprise that spinach has made it to the calcium rich food list. It occupies a leading position with 99 mg nutrient content being calcium. Spinach might now be the only source to your calcium needs, but when taken with other foodstuffs, it can help stabilize your levels. Spinach helps reduce inflammation and hence keep things working well for your body. You can cook the vegetable as a curry or make a smoothie. Both taste equally great!

15. Sunflower Seeds:

Calcium Rich Foods - Sunflower Seeds

Sun flower seed is the finest calcium rich food than other foods. Not many people are aware of sunflower seeds being a decent source of calcium themselves. The seeds can also keep you from being deficient of proteins and fiber. The seeds do have a lot of fat, but most of that is healthy and safe for consumption. You can eat them with the shell or without. The nutty seeds are quite the delight when unsalted since they help regulate sodium levels in your body.

The above all are the foods rich in calcium. The vegetables contain a handful of calcium, although not as much as the dairy supplies. But when given a choice to choose supplements and take the nature’s way, always pick the natural way!