Top 9 Cardamom Seeds Benefits

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As one of the best spices in the world, the rich aroma, taste and the benefits makes cardamom a perfect “Queen of the Spices”. Starting from the skin of the cardamom to the oil to the seeds are beneficial for the health. The spice is no doubt very appealing for people and is used in cooking, medicinal as well as aromatherapy features. However, it is important for you to know about the loads of benefits you can actually reap from good quality and organic cardamom.


For the benefit of the users, the best thing to do is to know about all the advantages associated with cardamom seeds before actually indulging in it in any way. This guide is a perfect way to gather all information about this aspect and in a simple manner.

Benefits Of Cardamom Seeds:

1. Hydrates the Skin:

The cardamom seeds if included in the daily diet or even simply chewed 2-3 times in a day can actually provide good hydration to the skin. This is one of the easy ways to achieve the goal and it makes the skin soft and supple.

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2. Antibacterial Agents:

Cardamom seeds have antibacterial properties that will keep the skin away from any forms of infections and bacterial problems. The healing powers of cardamom seeds is known from time immemorial.

3. Increases Blood Circulation:

By warming the skin and the body both internally and externally, cardamom seeds help in improving the blood flow to the skin and to the organs. This adds to loads of good health aspects for the person and also adds glow and youthfulness to the skin.

4. Improves Appetite:

Powder some cardamom seeds and add it to the curries or else chew on some of the cardamom seeds each day if you are experiencing a loss in the appetite. This is one of the natural benefits of this spice. Make sure you do is every day.

5. Mouth Freshener:

An instant way to treat the bad odour coming from the mouth is to chew on some cardamom seeds. Halitosis can be treated easily with cardamom seeds. It is one of the best mouth fresheners that you can have.

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6. Treats Indigestion:

To get the best solution to problems like indigestion, flatulence and belching, the best is to add some cardamom seeds in the diet. Chewing on these seeds helps in stimulating the digestive process as well.

7. Treats Hypertension:

Are you someone who faces issues of hypertension also known as high blood pressure? Do you want a natural and safe way to treat the problem? Then add some cardamom seeds in the diet that helps in stimulating the blood circulation to the lungs. This reduces the blood pressure and balances it well.

8. Boosts Immunity and Metabolism:

Another of the benefits that cardamom seeds are expected to give you with regular consumption is the stimulation of positive effects on the immune system and fight off diseases as well as working well on the metabolism. This will help in maintaining the right weight as well. Make sure cardamom seeds are taken on a routine basis in some or the other form. You can include it in tea as well as cooking dishes. It can also be used directly.

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9. Detoxifies the Body:

The high levels of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins in cardamom seeds make it the ideal option for detoxifying the body from the accumulated toxins. It purifies the blood as well. Excess calcium, urea and toxins from the kidney can also be removed with cardamom seeds intake. Overall it cleanses the system as well as maintains good health for the kidney. For this benefit you will need to eat cardamom seeds each day.

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