How To Use And Apply Castor Oil For Hair Growth?

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Castor oil is natural oil that is extracted from the beans or seeds of a castor plant. It has been in use for treating a lot of ailments at home since eons. It is one of the safest oil that is primarily a laxative but is equally well known for treating hair growth and problems related to it. Hair growth is a demand that practically everyone has, and this demand is quite satisfactorily fulfilled by castor oil. This article delves into the details of castor oil and its efficacy regarding hair growth. It also throws light on the method of using castor oil as it is a well-known fact that to achieve optimum results one should be aware of the correct way of using it.

Castor Oil For Hair Growth.

Castor Oil For Hair Growth:

Here we would learn how to use and apply castor oil on hair in the best way possible so that your hair has the best of the benefits that makes your hair stronger and more flexible to growing.

Description Of Castor Oil:

Castor oil

If you look at castor oil it appears to be a shade between colourless and slightly yellow. It has a faint smell and is very bland in taste. There are essentially two types of castor oil, one is industrial castor oil that is used as a lubricant in products like perfumes, plastics, bath oil and soaps. The one that is of our interest is the castor oil for home use. It is prepared differently by cold pressing the castor beans.

Properties Of Castor Oil In Relation With Hair Growth:

Castor oil is rich in Omega-9 fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins and minerals. It has excellent antibacterial and anti-fungal properties as well. Its chemical composition comprises of a triglyceride belonging to ricinoleic acid along with the fatty acids that is most importantly required for healing and enhancing growth of hairs. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that make it adept in handling hair growth.

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Castor oil for hair growth has always been highly recommended. This property mostly owes itself to the presence of the essential nutrients that help you make your hair grow healthier. Mentioned above is a small brief of what constitutes castor oil and here we disintegrate the nutrients according to their properties.

Omega9 Fatty Acids:

The omega9 fatty acids are useful for not only your skin but also handsomely for your hair where the hair regains its once lost shine and vitality through infusion of these fatty acids. These acids not only moisturize and nourish hair but also mends and repairs damages there by making hair stronger and flexible.

Vitamin E:

Much like your body or skin, even your hair requires nutrients to grow strong and healthy. This is why the infusion of vitamin E in your castor oil will add volume, energy and power to your hair. The food for your hair would definitely create a superb concoction that makes hair follicles build up thereby allowing your hair to grow longer.

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