Top 9 Casual Ponytail Hairstyles

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Various types of party hair looks can be tried out or there can be various forms of casual look to do with these pony tails. These hairstyles are easy to do and also very easy to sport. A person can do these easily with almost any form of get ups and also any type of party attires.

Causal ponytail hairstyles

Below are the top 9 types of casual pony tail hairstyles that a person should definitely try out.

Casual Ponytail Hairstyles:

1. Low rung look:

Asian Ponytail2

This is quite easy to do and all the rest of the sections can be brushed at the back and then an elastic band can be tied on it. This is quite easy to do and can be done when the sections are manageable. To make the section clean looking, a person can use some shine spray or can also use some protein cleanser to make it more glamorous. This is good for casual days and also for any type of gathering.

2. The wisped look:

Casual ponytail hairstyles 2

This is quite easy and chic to sport. A person can wear this easily for any type of occasion. This is also good for colleges and can be done for variety of parties and gatherings. This can also be a traditional look if a Maangtika is centralized fixed. Other accessories can also be used easily with this look.

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3. The pig tail girl:

Casual ponytail hairstyles 3

This is a girl type hair look which can easily be done and sport for school or colleges. If there is a girl night party then these can also be easily tried out. This is also for those who do not like messed looks and this is quite casual to sport for those people. This can be done with colourful elastic bands or funky elastics. These can be worn with school or college out fits and also can be worn with casual t shirts or tops.

4. Sided chic girly look:

Casual ponytail hairstyles 4

This is quite easily done if the sections are given some heat and then made into rolls. This is also easily sported. The elastic tied to it is kept in a low rung fashion so that this gives a different type of feel. This can be easily sport for parties.

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