50 Surprising Pictures of Film Actresses Without Makeup Look

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The glitz and glamour of B-town has always been mesmerizing. With every other diva fighting for the top IT girl position and every hunk trying their level best to achieve those perfect abs, the pandemonium amongst the bright lights is at its extreme. Like every other film industry, Bollywood too has her fair share or beauties on screen performing the best of the acts with precision and skill but amongst so many talents dolled up by the state of the art studio quality makeup professionals, often there is a striking contrast that can be noticed on and off screen amongst these stars.

famous indian actresses

No Makeup! Make-up is one of the most important parts of a celebrity’s life and without makeup no one come out from their home. As soon as we think of celebrities, one of the main things that arise to mind is glamor and beauty. This is because; some years ago we see the picture of every celebrity in full makeup but now due to internet we see the original that means without makeup images of film  actresses. Most of the celebs are actually regular- looking people.

Most of the people are very eager to know that how the celebrities look without any makeup beautiful or not? This is because all the people have habit to see them in full makeup either in films, News, shows or in Award functions. Therefore, peoples are crazy and want to know their real beauty. If you are also one of that then read this article carefully. The only difference between them and us is that they have actually excessive hair as well as face people.

images of hollywood actress without makeup

When you look at the wonderful makeup-less photographs of actresses or stars then it was a type of exactly that how you like to see the celebrities. This defines the actual beauty of the Hollywood celebrities as well as shows some of them are really better than us. Most of the heroines are not afraid for their look without makeup.

Everyone should go bare-faced every once in a while. It’s good to give your skin a break from makeup, for one. Also, you should never wear makeup when you don’t feel like it. So make like these celebs and go out with nothing on your face for once. After continually exist dolled up, a makeup-free actress taking on her natural beauty is an inspirational sight.

Famous Celebrity Actresses Without Makeup Pictures:

Now, here we are giving you the list of top Hollywood and Bollywood  without makeup actresses. On some occasions, the celebrities come out without using any makeup and it remind they are just similar to you.

You must be feeling jealous about their beauty, figure as well as fitness but you will be surprised to see their actual pictures of taken devoid of makeup here, we are round up top celebrities who we consider look fab without a sew up. They are as follows;

most beautiful actress in bollywood without makeup

Pictures of Hollywood and Bollywood Actress without Makeup:

Here are the some most beautiful Hollywood and Bollywood heroines looks in without makeup and with makeup are listed below.

1. Beautiful Actress Aishwarya Rai with No Makeup:

aishwarya rai

The Bachchan Bahu stole all hearts in 1994 when she was crowned the runner up to miss India, miss India world, or rather known as Miss World. Times were different then and so was her style. She changed rather improved over the years working up to the level where she was considered amongst some of the best faces in the entire world. But over the years she might have changed, what stayed the same was her beauty, her flawless skin, her bright shining eyes and her inner diva.

2. Makeup Less Actress Katrina Kaif:

katrina kaif

When she first stepped into the Bollywood stage, she started a whirlwind of praises with her angelic face and angel like aura. Since the very beginning of her career, Katrina Kaif has won over hearts with her deep eyes and a cute as a button face. she dazzles on screen and without makeup surprisingly she dazzles off screen too. take away the glitz and shine and makeup and you still will be left with the glamour.

3. Hot Star Bipasa Basu Makeup Less Picture:

bipasa basu

She is one of those celebrities that has achieved it all, from a ferocious body to a flawless face, from a stomping career to her own fitness DVD. This bong fitness freak came to recognition with her famous movies but she moved past that and decided to spend some “me” time reconstructing herself. As a result, today Bipasha Basu with or without makeup turns heads as she walks by. If with makeup she looks flawless, without makeup she does so all the more. With just a hint of liner, she can create wonders to her face.

4. Film Star Kareena Kapoor in Natural Looks:

kareena kapoor

Kareena Kapoor has always exhibited flawlessness in her every step from the starting of her debut movie till now. Somehow or the other she has always stood apart from the rest not only because of her great skin or zero figure but also with her tremendous acting skills. Here is a comparison of her in and without makeup and comparing the two one can easily fall in love with her all over again even sans makeup.

5. Glamorous Priyanka Without Makeup:

priyanka chopra

Yet another of the best faces the industry saw was the infamous Priyanka Chopra who like a gust of wind rose to a position where she belongs to one of those desi divas who made it out big on the international platform. In the year 2000 she was crowned miss world and since then on her journey has gone through ups and lows but she has always had her one foot set on ground. here in the makeup less picture Priyanka appears similar to your neighborhood girl next door, a cute look with a flawless skin.

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