Top 9 Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

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Would you like to know about how celebrities like to keep their hair? We have mentioned some good hairstyles that they have fashioned in bob cut and how suitable they are for you. Read and understand your celebrity better.

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles:

1. The Wavy Bob:

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

This Bob cut has been sported by Sienna Miller and loved her in this look by all her fans. You can choose to keep a blonde wavy side fringe haircut like her and look really simple and stylish at the same time.

2. A Long Bob:

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles2

Kim Kardashian kept a long bob cut when she attended the Grammy awards in 2015. She looked stunning with her black dense hair kept untidily to give a sexy look. You can think of copying her if you think this hairstyle will suit your personality.

3. Short Bob With Fringes:

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles3

Dakota Johnson the actor of The Fifty Shades of Grey is having a bob cut as her new hairstyle. She is looking sweet and ready to be on the move. Her choice to keep her tresses short has gained many compliments. You too should experiment with your hair and try being different.

4. Curly Short Bob:

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles4

Do you want to keep curly bob like your favorite actor Jennifer Lopez? Go to a good hairdresser and he will help you get the perfect look. She is one of the most stylish celebrity in Hollywood and being like her would be like cherry on cake for you.

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