Top 9 Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

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5. Side Swept Bob:

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles5

Rosamund Pike’s new look in 2015 is the variation of side swept bob. She is carrying the hairstyle very well in Golden Globes and looks stunning. If, you want to wear the same style because you feel it will suit you, do not waste time and try it now.

6. Cropped Bob In Shiny Style:

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles6

Wow Evan Rachael Wood is looking beautiful in this cropped bob cut. If, you like short hair this one can make you look good too with the shine effect. Like her if you have the guts to experiment with extreme hairstyles then you should go with this short bob before the fashion dies.

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7. Rusty Red Bob:

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles7

Emma Stone had rusty red shade of hair and bob haircut when she walked the red carpet in Venice Film Festival in 2014. If, you liked her look you can decide on this rare shade of hair color, which will look better on shorter hair as compared to long hair. This hairstyle will suit women with round and square face only.

8. Wavy Long Bob with highlights:

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles8

Lilly Collins is an actor who loves changing her hairstyle frequently as per her mood. She sported long bob with waves recently and she looked great. It is one of the most convenient and safe bob hairstyle, which you can choose to have if you do not want too short hair. You can side part your hair for extra smartness.

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9. Blunt Medium Length Bob:

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles9

Leighton Meester who is a famous actor and singer had this blunt bob cut for a long time. She especially made it a point to sweep back her tresses so that she could make her own style and now many women are ready to keep this hairstyle on the go.

Whether you want your hair short or long, you can surely copy your favorite celebrity because they all wear it uniquely for their fans. Some of the above mentioned hairstyles have been in vogue recently and some are evergreen fashion statement. You need to make your style.

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