15 Best Chest Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

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6. No Evil Tattoo:

No evil tattoo

The no evil tattoo art looks exactly like the proverb we have all been hearing since childhood, the speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil rule and integrating all of them into one, here is a spot on tattoo portraying the evil himself, the skull being vandalized by hands from all sides acting out the proverb.

7. Survival Strategic Chest Tattoos For Guys:

Survival strategic Tatt

Life is all about survival of the fittest and if you are a die hard fan of the line, there is yet another way to portray the feeling without having to write it down in ink. This tattoo here shows to stag fighting for the respect, their horns interlocked as both of them stand in a warrior stance.

8. Winged Cross:

Winged cross

Chest wing is a very desirable form of chest tattoo art and here we have one of the best designs portraying so. The beautiful winged tattoo is made in shades of copper with black undertones featuring a cross in the center with the clouds lining the wings. The wings indicate the presence of angels as well as devil in one’s life.  Also the tattoo is accompanied with beautiful fonts to add to its beauty.

9. The Reddened Glow Chest Tattoos For Girls:

The reddened glow

To whoever said chest tattoos are only for boys, here is a classic example of how a girl can rock a chest tattoo with flawlessness too. Here the tattoo has a faded bed of roses housing the mighty red glowing skull in between. This tattoo is highly carried out by the ladies who are in sports such as wrestling, car racing, bike racing etc. The combination of black and white with red gives it a unique look. This is one of the best chest tattoos for women.

10. The Super Hero Chest Tattoos:


This kind of chest tattoo for men are highly carried out by the men inspired by super heroes such as the batman, Spider man superman, etc. The tattoo is given a 3D effect to make it lively.  The main symbol of superman is inked here which also means that the person is a super hero for his child. Also these tattoos are worn by the people who are inspired by them to achieve something impossible on life. Generally these kinds of tattoos are always a tribute from a son to his father.

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