15 Best Chest Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

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Keeping it fashion front and trendy, the newest hub for tattoos is the bare skin of the chest area, a common place that would definitely need a little color with the various designs. Usually when we say tattoo, we speak of a certain western culture infiltrated to the worldly cultures making tattoos one of the front runners to the list of body art and decoration. In fact, tattoos have been named the most common form, though permanent but everlasting form of body art. What happens when your one of a kind ideas are portrayed on your chest skin is a wonder thought that lies within this article and its various kinds.


The chest tattoos have always remained trendy among men who have a beautiful body texture. But this days, even girls carry such tattoos and increase their fashion statement.

Best Chest Tattoo Designs:

Below are the 15 best chest tattoo designs for men and women as follows.

1. Folk Lore Chest Tattoos:

Folk lore Tattoo

Tribal ideas are quite an inspiration if we speak of how well to address the inner wilder beast in you through the form of inking yourself. This intricate chest tattoo is inspired from a Japanese tribal art form where the chest houses the delicately inked sun while the patterns roll down to the very end of the arm. Tribal art at its best is always a welcoming sight, intriguing yet so humble.

2. The Darker Side:

The darker side Tattoo

A dominant skull defines the core content of this chest tattoo which speaks of the dark side and the powers that it possesses. The skull shaded into a dark appeal has angel wings on its back, widespread while the use of red on the under layers of the art brings out the sinister feel to the look.

3. Guardian Angel Chest Tattoo Designs For Men:

Guardian angel

Much like the dark side, this is yet another mythological reference speaking of guardian angels. This is a humble tattoo with a deeper inner meaning where with the simple portrayal of wings a beautiful message has been given out. What attracts the look more is the intricate shading of the outspread wings. This is one of the popular chest tattoos for men.

4. The Owl Chest Tattoos:

The owl Tattoo

Indeed a unique one of a kind, the owl in this chest tattoo is executed in the shades of golden brown and black giving it a rich feel while the middle of the chest houses its body, the wings outspread and beautiful. The ink looks more alluring owing to the detailed face art of the owl.

5. The Collarbones Touch:

The collarbones touch

Now the collarbones touch is a classic chest tattoo style implicated by drawing a line of calligraphy words across the collarbones, starting from one and ending at the other. This tattoo is an example of the much common style where the calligraphy ends in two blooming passion roses.

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6. No Evil Tattoo:

No evil tattoo

The no evil tattoo art looks exactly like the proverb we have all been hearing since childhood, the speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil rule and integrating all of them into one, here is a spot on tattoo portraying the evil himself, the skull being vandalized by hands from all sides acting out the proverb.

7. Survival Strategic Chest Tattoos For Guys:

Survival strategic Tatt

Life is all about survival of the fittest and if you are a die hard fan of the line, there is yet another way to portray the feeling without having to write it down in ink. This tattoo here shows to stag fighting for the respect, their horns interlocked as both of them stand in a warrior stance.

8. Winged Cross:

Winged cross

Chest wing is a very desirable form of chest tattoo art and here we have one of the best designs portraying so. The beautiful winged tattoo is made in shades of copper with black undertones featuring a cross in the center with the clouds lining the wings. The wings indicate the presence of angels as well as devil in one’s life.  Also the tattoo is accompanied with beautiful fonts to add to its beauty.

9. The Reddened Glow Chest Tattoos For Girls:

The reddened glow

To whoever said chest tattoos are only for boys, here is a classic example of how a girl can rock a chest tattoo with flawlessness too. Here the tattoo has a faded bed of roses housing the mighty red glowing skull in between. This tattoo is highly carried out by the ladies who are in sports such as wrestling, car racing, bike racing etc. The combination of black and white with red gives it a unique look. This is one of the best chest tattoos for women.

10. The Super Hero Chest Tattoos:


This kind of chest tattoo for men are highly carried out by the men inspired by super heroes such as the batman, Spider man superman, etc. The tattoo is given a 3D effect to make it lively.  The main symbol of superman is inked here which also means that the person is a super hero for his child. Also these tattoos are worn by the people who are inspired by them to achieve something impossible on life. Generally these kinds of tattoos are always a tribute from a son to his father.

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11. Quote Tattoo:


The above chest tattoo design is made along with an inspirational quote with lovely fonts. The tattoo also includes a crow which indicates the past while a dove indicating the future. The dark black and light grey shades add to its beauty. One can ink out the quotes or the norms they follow in their life or are highly inspired by. The different use of fonts makes it lovelier to wear it on. People also ink some message for their favorite person they have lost in their life. Such tattoos can also be named as memorable tattoos.

12. The Snake And Skull Tattoo:


This is the best example of a chest tattoo design for men. The tattoo not only covers the chest but also the full body till the belly. The tattoo includes a snake and a skull. Both of them symbolize death and evil or victory over the evil. The snake also is a symbol of power and strength. While in some castes the cobra snake is also worshiped and is counted as a pious God. The beautiful color combination makes it more eye-catchy.

13. The Dangerous Wolf Chest Tattoos:


These kinds of chest tattoos for men designs are getting popular among the youngsters these days. This is a simple tattoo inked with just border. The tattoo shoes how a wolf has gained victory in chasing and killing his enemy. Thus this kind if tattoo is inked by the wrestlers, or those who are not afraid of their enemies and are strong enough to fight any situation. This tattoo best fits on the chest so that it can give a proper view. This is one of the best chest tattoo designs for men.

14. Religious Tattoo:


This kind of tattoo designs for men chest is very trendy among the religious youth section in men. The above tattoo is a combination of Jeans crucified as well as two hands praying to God. Also there is inked the sun which pious in which ever religion you carry. Also a small message is inked on the top which indicates that the person is a strict follower of Jeans and his norms. Such tattoos are widely carried out by men in America and Africa.

15. Mermaid Chest Tattoos For Women:


This is one of the most popular chest tattoo designs for female. The tattoo includes a mermaid peeping out of water.  The mermaid is a symbol of freedom, joy and happiness. Hence the wearer of such tattoos is a woman who is always cheerful in her thoughts. Also the girls who are living apart from their families can get this tattoo inked to show their strength to the people.  Loves to live a life which gives her the freedom. The beautiful color used makes it more adorable. It is one of the popular chest tattoo designs for women.

Thus the chest tattoo designs are getting popular among men, age no bar. Such tattoos are also carried out boldly by young girls as a fashion trend. When selected, a proper tattoo with beautiful colors gives you a bold and attractive look. Also small tattoos are getting famous for cheat tattoos which include small images of birds, initials of name, a word indicating the attitude of the person etc. So this season, get yourself a bold and attractive look by getting inked on the chest.

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