15 Best Chiffon Sarees With Pictures

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The name Chiffon came from French word. This light weight plainly woven fabric has alternating twisting yarns. These twists give this saree a slight rough texture. The rough texture makes the craftsman slightly difficult to handle and need to work steadily as sewing or embroidery works cannot be done too quickly. Both natural and synthetic fibers can be used to make sarees. Chiffon sarees made of synthetic fibers can only be dyed with special colors while the natural fibers can be colored with any shade of color. Chiffon sarees are very soft and are easily compressible. Chiffon is more lustrous than the normal georgette saree with smooth texture. Chiffon is used to make various dress materials.

Best Chiffon Sarees With Pictures:

People prefer to wear chiffon outfits for its smooth texture. There are 15 top chiffon sarees with images as given below.

1. Tomato Red Designer Chiffon Saree With Patch Border:


This tomato red saree is combined with golden border. You simply look elegant. This simple designer saree just has highlighted border. This chiffon saree is soft to wear and it will wrap on your body to enhance your figure. Carrying this attire perfectly is enough; you do not need to style more. Wear same colored blouse with this saree.

2. Beige Plain Chiffon Saree:

2.Beige plain chiffon saree

This plain chiffon saree is simply beige in color without any designs. This saree just have a golden and silver border throughout the saree with semi transparent texture. This soft textured chiffon saree can be worn by women of all the ages. To provide a contrasting look just pair up a red blouse with this.

3. Red Chiffon Saree With Zari Border:

3.Red chiffon saree with zari border

Simple red semi transparent chiffon saree makes you look vivacious. Just a simple touch up is given by providing sleek golden colored zari border. Try to wear a lustrous golden sleeveless blouse with this outfit for your party. Simple golden accessories will perfectly match and completes your make up.

4. Grey Colored Designer Chiffon Saree:

4.Grey coloured designer chiffon saree

This grey chiffon saree is really uncommon among sarees. If you like to wear something unique, choose this outfit for your special occasion purposes. Grey absolutely go with pink, thus you may experiment with this chiffon saree. Pink effect is provided only along the borders to keep the simplicity of this chiffon saree. Grey color makes the saree opaque which makes this saree a perfectly wear outfit for any occasion.

5. Orange Coloured Chiffon Saree:

5.Orange coloured chiffon saree

The orange chiffon saree makes you look glamorous. The high reflective of the orange color makes it different from the other shades of orange. Golden borders and golden works are being done along the lower portion of this chiffon saree. You surely have the party look in this light-weight chiffon saree. Pair this up with full sleeve blouse.

6. Light Pink Chiffon Embroidery Saree:

6.Pink chiffon embroidery saree

This pink chiffon saree has a transparent look. If you are comfortable with this look and can easily carry this outfit, then choose this one without any doubt. Floral designs are done in regular intervals. These floral embroidery works are done in red and green colored. The visible embroidery works makes this saree unusual as a whole.

7. Blue And Green Faux Chiffon Saree:

7.Blue and green faux chiffon saree

These shades of blue and green seems magnificent in chiffon texture. This is properly a half and half chiffon saree. The pallu portion has blue effect with different golden works and the other half of the saree has green hue with golden works throughout in regular patterns.

8. Cream Multi Colored Printed Chiffon Saree:

8.Cream multi coloured chiffon saree

Cream color is a soothing color in outfits. Here in this chiffon saree. This soothing effect is contrasted with multi colored portions along the other portion of the saree keeping the pallu as simple cream colored with blue and pink borders.

9. Pure Green Coloured Chiffon Saree With Golden Works:

9.Pure green coloured chiffon saree with golden works

To make this pure green colored chiffon saree different, intricate works are done with golden and green threads. Sleek golden border runs all over the saree. Pair this chiffon saree with same colored green short sleeve blouse.

10. Yellow Chiffon Designer Saree:

10.Yellow chiffon designer saree

This yellow chiffon saree nicely drapes over your body to highlight your figure. You absolutely look stunning this is classy saree. This designer saree has black standard designs makes it a proper blend of styles. Red borders run throughout the saree with silver lining on it.

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11. Green Designer Party Wear Chiffon Saree:

11.Green designer party wear chiffon saree

This green simply has a lustrous effect. You can opt for this saree in any special occasion or in any party. There is a dark silver border simply runs all over this saree to enhance its beauty. Contrast this saree with vibrant light pink and blue colored blouse. Matching or golden accessories will perfectly go with this saree.

12. Simple Violet Colored Chiffon Saree With Golden Border:

12.Simple violet coloured chiffon saree with golden border

Violet chiffon saree with golden borders and designs is the specialty of this saree. Periodic intricate designs with golden and violet are done only along the border. This deep violet chiffon saree has very small dotted embroidery works that makes this saree look indifferent. Designer violet colored blouse makes you look appealing.

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13. Pink Chiffon Saree With Velvet Border:

13.Pink chiffon saree with velvet border with stones

This chiffon saree consists of different shades of pink. The lower and upper half consists of two different shades with black border on both the sides. The two light reflecting hues enhance your beauty. Stones works are done on the black velvet border. Black velvet blouse makes you look appropriate.

14. Yellow Colored Faux Chiffon Wedding Saree With Stone Works:

14.Yellow coloured faux chiffon wedding saree with stone works

This wedding chiffon saree consists of embroidery and stone works that makes it different from the standard wedding sarees. Embroidery works are done in red, pink and green on the yellow based chiffon saree. Let’s try this out in weeding party or other occasions keeping the traditional sarees in side. This colorful makes you look glamorous.

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15. Black Chiffon Saree With Embroidery Border:

15.Black embroidery chiffon saree

The black color chiffon saree is blended with golden ornamental border. It is paired with golden ornamental designer blouse. Don this pair of saree in any special occasion to have an appealing look.

These styles of chiffon sarees are readily available in market or in online shopping sites. Try these sarees in different occasion to enhance your beauty quotient.