15 Specific Styles of Collar Neck Blouse Patterns Catalogue

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Now-a-days, Collar Blouse is high in demand. Women’s are inspired to wear different variety of blouses by seeing in Movies and Magazines. Currently, there is ready stitched blouse is even available in every color. You do not need to wait for tailors to stitch your blouse. Blouse with collar is having importance due to its easy availability in amazing designs. It looks like designed by an expert. You can have many blouses for a single saree. What ladies want is uniqueness in every occasion. She does not like to repeat same clothes in another occasion.

Blouse Designs with Collar Neck:

Here are the 15 different types of collar neck blouses for women to wear at special occasions.

1. Chinese Collar Neck Blouse:


This is red color based Chinese collar blouse. Nice embroidery work is done on collar and at the end of sleeve and blouse.  In Marriage function, with this blouse you will appear out different from all others. Clear body shape is visible with this blouse.

2. Back Open Collar Blouse:

Back Open Collar Blouse

This is highly beautiful back open pattern in collar blouse. The blouse is decorated with work and this is an ethnic pattern. This back open style is running like craze now-a-days. The blouse is in short sleeve and it has back side clips. The lady is looking praiseful in this.

3. Lace Blouse with Collar Neck:

Lace Blouse with Collar Neck

It is cap sleeve collar neck blouse in Lace fabric. A sappy inner is also stitched inside. In golden color mango motif design, one will shine out as gorgeous. This blouse can be used with saree and chaniyacholi too. It will give good combination with dark color.

4. Stylish Collar Neck Blouse:

Stylish Collar Neck Blouse

It is latest collar neck blouse design. It is a duality of lace and transparent fabric. Excellent lace work is stitched on neck and sleeves. Plus graceful pleats are given below collar neck. The lady has matched this blouse with Peach color plain saree which will deliver awesome look.

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5. High Neck Collar Blouse:

High Neck Collar Blouse

It is high neck collar blouse. Printed design with contrast color is done in front of blouse. It is short sleeve and simple in design. Green color saree will look good with this blouse. This blouse is capable enough to attract with its simplicity.

6. Designer Collar Blouse:

Designer Collar Blouse

This blouse is a designer piece and when it is worn by a Celebrity, it becomes expensive. This is stunning collar neck blouse. It is shining like a star. The design of a blouse is just attractive. Even the saree is not just simple. Very nice fabric is used in making this blouse.

7. Butterfly Style Collar Blouse:

Butterfly Collar Blouse

In this blouse, collar is given butterfly pattern. It is unique and will look new in market. A broad border is attached at the end of blouse. The blouse is whole plain with contrast color border. It is sleeveless and must be open in back side. Rarely someone will have this design in blouse.

8. Net Collar Blouse:

Net Collar Blouse

In this blouse, net fabric is used in both sides. Black and White combination is hit since ages. Black blouse will twinkle at night. Net fabric in blouse is fashionable and running fast. The blouse is shimmering and flashy. Lady will look lovely in this.

9. Latest Collar Blouse:

Latest Collar Blouse

This blouse is trendy in white and pink color. It has square pattern in front with cap sleeve. This blouse will match well with pink color saree. It will be bright with reflected light. One can’t move her eyes from this pattern in blouse. It will look elegant.

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10. Mandarin Collar Blouse:

Mandarin Collar Blouse

It is red color Mandarin Collar neck blouse. The outer side of blouse is covered with net. The blouse is padded which will make you look hot. The net fabric is having combination of flower and mango motif design. You need a saree of particular color to match this blouse with.

11. Polo Neck Collar Blouse:

Polo Neck Collar Blouse

This blouse is having Polo neck collar with close fitting and round neck. Sleeves are stitched of net fabric. This pattern is like sizzling in market. One can use this blouse as party wear too. It will blossom out radiation. Simple Brasso saree is glowing with this blouse.

12. Stand Collar Blouse:

Stand Collar Blouse

This collar neck blouse has stand collar in red color. The blouse is shining in its simplicity. It is sleeveless and it gives perfect fitting to wearer. Awesome work is done on collar of blouse. Light golden color embroidery sarees will best match with this blouse.

13. Fancy Collar Blouse:

Fancy Collar Blouse -13

It is black colored fancy blouse which is shining and glowing. Puff sleeves are stitched in short length. It will look best with light color heavy saree. One can become the centre of attention with this blouse. It is really an awesome blouse.

14. Coat Style Collar Blouse:

Coat Style Collar Blouse

This blouse is in coat style. It is tied up like a coat. A broad collar is stitched in golden color. The blouse is decorated with golden color floral work. Though simple, it is classy. Having sober saree with this coat style blouse will give you a worthy look.

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15. Collar Blouse for Bride:

Collar Blouse for Bride

In this blouse, flower work is done only on collars and left shoulder part. Rest is full plain. Even piping is done like a button. This blouse can be perfect for a bride as on plain shoulder she can fill up with her saree s heavy Daman. It will look wonderful.

Collar Neck blouse is ongoing fashion currently. You can have plenty of designs in collar blouse and it will look decent and admirable. The designs of blouse should be neat and clean, So that your saree will get its perfect match. Collar neck blouses are available in every size also. Collar neck blouse will be more presentable with plain and border saree. Golden color blouses are going hit. But still every color is available in blouse to make you easily wear saree.