9 Latest Designs of Cotton Blazers in Fashion 2017

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Blazers were invented by the British royal Navy. It is become part of every man’s wardrobe. You can wear it comfortably for work and play. It is smart option for that can be dressed up or down according to situation. If you want to look cool but formal, then blazer is the best thing for you.

Cotton Blazers For Men:

Cotton being most organic fabric is good for your skin. It will help you deal with hot summers without compromising on your sharp smart looks. Here are few types of Cotton Blazers for men in india.

1. Casual Cotton Blazer for Men:

Cotton Blazers

Blazers are mostly considered as casual attire. They have a slim fit and look more relaxed. It is soft and comfortable for going out in sun. Since, it is made of cotton; the discomfort of sweat is reduced to minimum. It can be paired with denims easily.

2. Men’s Formal Black Cotton Blazers:

Formal Cotton Blazer

On hot summers, work clothes can be very be very annoying because of discomfort. Try using formal cotton blazers when you want to look formal. It is perfect for you to run pillar to post without worrying about sweat.

3. Semi-Formal Cotton Blazer Men:

Semi-Formal Cotton Blazer

If you are going for a party after work, then semi-formal cotton blazer is for you. It is smart and classy. You may want to try it for dinner parties with in laws. It is smooth and perfect for long wear.

4. Un-Constructed Cotton Blazer:

Unconstructed Cotton Blazer

Unconstructed Cotton Blazer is similar to casual cotton blazer. It has one button. It is single breasted. The pockets are flapped. It is worn with chinos and denims. It is a simple style. Don’t overdo with pants and tie. Keep it laid back.

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5. Polished Cotton Blazer for Wedding:

Polished Cotton Blazer

Polished cotton blazer is uptight and formal blazer. They are made of cotton, so you don’t have to compromise on fit. It is bright and looks amazingly smart. If you are attending a close one’s wedding, then this is your style. In fact many grooms opt for it too. Smart lace shoes goes well with it.

6. Classic Navy Cotton Blazer:

Classic Navy Cotton Blazer

Nothing beats the classy navy cotton blazer. It has single breast with 3 buttons. It is also known for the smart looks. You can wear to meetings and parties. I would suggest you to wear it when you are trying to make a good first impression.

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7. Dinner Jacket Cotton Blazer:

Dinner Jacket Cotton Blazer

Dinner jacket cotton blazer is similar to semi-formal blazer. By its name, it is meant to be worn at dinners. It is not very formal but looks elegant. It is meant to create a great impact. It has shiny buttons.

8. Men’s Checked Cotton Blazer:

Checked Cotton Blazer

Checked is very old style when it comes to blazers. It comes with elbow patch. It has lining throughout. The checked are smaller and looks like mesh. It is smart choice. You need a very cool head to carry this style.

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9. Closed Cotton Blazer Mens:

Closed Cotton Blazer

When you have chilly evening, then this is your style. Closed cotton blazers are meant to look smart even when they are closed. They have more than 6 button and zippers. It is closed neck, full sleeves. It is definitely worn with jeans. It is new style. Do try it, if you are going on flight.

If you are unsure of how to use it in your everyday routine, or if you need a fresh inspiration, then the above list will help you through it. Cotton blazers will fit in best. It won’t let you worry about comfort. Don’t worry about how it will look, because it will definitely look smart.

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