Top 9 Curious Dandelion Tattoos With Images

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Remember those flowers associated with the concept of flying! Yes, we are talking about the dandelion tattoo designs, which are quite in standard these days among the youth. They are used to express love, freedom and wishes of life that shine in a positive way. Such tattoo expresses like they have something story to tell. It looks pretty when design blow away, there is no any such fix meaning about this tattoo, but peoples like to express their feelings. It indicates your childhood feelings, it is simple and casually pretty too.

Stylish and Cute Dandelion Tattoos for Female and Male:

Here are few tattoo dandelion patterns you can go through while thinking to ink one on your body.

1. Dandelion with Birds Tattoo:


Dandelion tattoo with birds symbolize the death of some dear ones. The tattoo carries a single big flower that gives out several small florals along with birds flying in the direction of the sky. The tattoo is popularly carried on the back by the women for a sensual look.

2. Time and Dandelion Tattoo on Foot:

Time and dandelion tattoo

The dandelion clock tattoo has given a new looking when associated with a slogan “time flies”. The lovely blue dandelion is given flying florals with curvy alphabets designed on the feet. The blue and black shade adds to the beauty of the flower.

3. Dark and Light Dandelion Tattoo:

Dark and light dandelion tattoo

Dark and light effects give a unique look to the dandelion seed tattoo. The main flower is designed with dark black ink, while the flower petals with light greyish ink. The tattoo is a perfect figure for the arms or the waist of any male or female.

4. Multi-Color Dandelion Tattoo:

Multi-color dandelion tattoo

Looking for a watercolor dandelion tattoo! Here is a spectacular design which comes with multi-color effects. With various dark and light colors, the tattoo leaves a remarkable effect on the shoulder or back.

5. Four Dandelion Flower Tattoos:

Four dandelion flower tattoos

Small dandelion tattoo with four tiny dandelion flying bodies make a wonderful look to the wearer. It gives a simple and sophisticated look that can be carried on the wrist, neckline, behind the ear, etc.

6. Butterfly With Dandelion Tattoos:

Butterfly with dandelion tattoos

Dandelion wrist tattoo when given the touch of butterflies gives a lavishing look to the wearer. The tattoo is given blue and purple ink, which represents spirituality, freedom, sensation, innocence, etc. side of the one who inks it.

7. Angle with Dandelion Tattoo:

Angle with dandelion tattoo

Want to dedicate a tattoo to your mother, or any female who has been the angle of your life! An angle with a dandelion flower in her hand gives a deliberate look. The angle is made with grey shades along with the dandelion while the Celtic is given dark black ink.

8. Wild Dandelion Tattoo:

Wild dandelion tattoo

A popular dandelion tattoo on wrist of the fighters, soldiers, army men, etc. is the wild dandelion tattoo. The tattoo is made with light green and wild leaves, with white dandelion flowers that give a weird design.

9. Musical Dandelion Tattoo:

Musical dandelion tattoo

The musical dandelion is the fantasy of various people who are passionate about music. The design is a combination of dandelion bird tattoo which is also associated with musical notes. The artistic design is made in black ink with curvy purple shades to make it more effective.

The dandelion tattoos are generally associated with freedom, flying and adventure that give a delicate but realistic look. The flower is associated with wishes, and hence, is the prime choice for those who believe in fate.

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