Dandruff in Kids – How to Treat?

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Many times kids suffer from dandruff problem. This can happen even in teenagers and young people. There are some simple remedies to treat this problem.


How to Treat Dandruff in Kids:

Here is a list of 6 effective home remedies to prevent dandruff in kids.

1. Henna And Mustard Oil:

This is often used by many people to treat the flakiness in a very mild method. This is quite useful. The leaves can be bought from the markets and then these can be soaked in mustard oil. These should be then heated after 6 hours and then the strained oil should be used to massage regularly. A turban can be used to cover the affected portion. These can be done regularly.

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2. Onion Juice:

This is quite helpful in the dandruff problem. The bacterial infection is cured with the help of the sulphur content of the onions which is why it smells pungent. This is due to the sulphur content which is known for treating and any forms of rashes and other fungus. The onions can be cut or sliced and then rubbed on the affected area. This can be washed off after 20 minutes and should be followed regularly.

3. Almond Oil:

This is a harmless and very effective natural thing that has essential fatty acids like omega 6 and also magnesium. This is non sticky and therefore can be used without the problem of dirt accumulation and other problems. However, this should be washed off after few minutes. This should be massaged every day and done on a regular basis. These can come off with regular application and brushing because this helps to hydrate the sections.

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4. Gooseberry:

This is popularly known as amla and this has exceptional vitamin C and other nutrients. This is quite helpful in preventing any infections. This can be used in proper amounts in the fresh or the paste form. This can be bought from the market and these can be crushed and then the paste can be applied. This can be kept for about 20 minutes and then cleansed. These are not always freshly available which is why people use the powdered form. These are also quite cheaply available and not costly.

However, buying this from a reputed brand can be effective if the quality is good. Sometimes the impurities like dirt and dust or others can cause the effectiveness to lessen. So buying from a good brand is recommended. These can be taken about 4 table spoons and then made a paste in a cup with hot water. This can be kept aside and then this can be applied the next day for the similar time which is about 20 minutes and then washed off. Doing this a few times a week can be beneficial. If the problem persists then Medicinal Remedies should be followed.

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5. Neem Paste:

If these are not freshly available in the local markets, these can also be bought from the drugstores in the form of dried powder. These are also quite beneficial. These do not have side effects. These are also good for the anti bacterial properties. A person can soak about 6 table spoons of the powder in a cup of hot water and keep this overnight. After about at least 6 hours, these can be used as a pack. These should be kept for about 20 minutes and then washed off.  This should be done a few times a week.

6. Medicinal Remedies:

There is various types of medicines like ketoconazole bars and other mild shampoos which are quite helpful in this problem. However, it is advisable that the doctor should be consulted before any form of medications that are available at stores.