15 Best Looking Deep Neck Blouse Designs with Images

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If you are looking for the latest in Indian women clothing trends, then you are in the right place. Presently, deep neck blouse are probably the only thing that Indian women think of when they want to sport a saree. In this article, we will be discussing some such blouse designs which sport the deep neck pattern. The blouse designs that are to be discussed below will include some local as well as designer models. One thing can be assured, that all of them are different from one another and they vary based on their unique features.

Deep Neck Blouse Designs:

1. The Deep Neck Pink Blouse Design:


If you are in need of a deep neck designer blouse, then this particular pink blouse will be perfect for you. It displays a black color pattern on the sleeves and a little below the chest portion. You will be able to carry this blouse along with a simple or a designer fancy saree at almost all festive events.

2. The Deep Neck South Indian Designer Blouse (Purple):

Deep neck blouse designs9

This purple color blouse brings something new to the table. The pattern done on it so eye-catching that it will steal the looks instantly. It will offer you with that ideal Indian celebrity look that you always have been waiting for.

3. The Deep Back Neck Blouse Design:

Deep neck blouse designs15

This particular neck blouse design comes with an eye-catching pattern done on the back and the attachments on the lace at the back is one of the primary attractions of this look.

4. The Deep V-Neck Blouse Design:

Deep neck blouse designs4

This metal color-like blouse is the most beautiful V-neck blouse design you will find for now. It sports a very alluring pattern on the sides to the back. The sleeveless pattern makes it comfy and the blouse become even more attractive with a similar looking saree. If you want to look the same way as this woman looks in this picture, then making this blouse based on your specifications and a fit and slim physique will be required. The blouse can make you look magnificent at a festive or at a party or even at a wedding occasion.

5. The Low Cut Deep Neck South Indian Designer Blouse:

Deep neck blouse designs5

If you want to sport the fashionable Indian clothing along with a deep neck blouse, then take a look at this one. It spots the alluring small golden dotted design throughout the blouse piece.

6. The Golden Color Deep Neck Blouse Design:

Deep neck blouse designs6

After looking at this blouse, almost every women will be impressed by its allure. The golden color pattern done on the blouse is very catchy and anyone will want to look the way this TV celebrity is looking in this picture by wearing this picture.

7. The Deep Neck Black Designer Blouse:

Deep neck blouse designs7

Looking for the deep back neck blouse design? Take a good look a this one. This black designer blouse sports an unimaginable view of Indian beauty and almost all women will be intimidated by the design done on the blouse.

8. The Blue Designer Deep Neck Blouse:

Deep neck blouse designs13

This is one of the best blue designer deep neck blouse designs of all time. The cute pattern done on this blouse is pretty alluring and the golden patterns on the chest and on the sleeve straps are the main attraction of this look.

9. The Wide Back Opening Deep Neck Blouse Design:

Deep neck blouse designs14

This designs and the exposing pattern at the back is probably one of the best features of this blouse.

10. The Latest Designer Deep Back Neck Blouse Design:

Deep neck blouse designs10

If you are carrying a trendy saree, then this blouse will increase the attractive nature of that look. It is probably one of the best-looking blouses of all time that sport such an awesome design done on the back and on the sleeves as well.

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11. The Golden Deep Neck Blouse Designs:

Deep neck blouse designs11

This golden blouse will offer you that alluring beauty look wherever you sport this particular blouse with a shiny or a glossy saree.

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12. The Shiny Golden Blouse Design with Deep Neck Pattern:

Deep neck blouse designs12

The deep neck pattern blouse just went into the sunlight and they brought you a shiny pattern. This blouse sports this eye-catching glimmering pattern throughout the blouse and for all the right reasons this blouse can be said to be one of the best deep neck saree blouse designs.

13. The Pink Deep Neck Blouse Design:

Deep neck blouse designs1

If you are looking for deep neck blouse designs, then this one is probably one of the best-looking ones falling under that category. This blouse sports a very cool pattern on the chest portion and that is the prime attraction of this blouse. It will easily provide any woman with the celebrity look and they will look totally unique by sporting this blouse along with a suitable pink saree. You can also sport with any other bright saree as well but since the blouse is a pink color one, a pink saree will be most suitable.

14. The Deep Neck Sunny Leone Celebrity Blouse Collection:

Deep neck blouse designs2

If you wan to get that celebrity look through Indian clothing, then this blouse will be the best thing for you. It can be carried with a sparkling or a glimmering saree. The design is so cool that probably any woman will love with it. The front attachments to the chest portion of the blouse is the prime attractive feature about this look. It is a sleeveless blouse and thus you will be able to wear it by experiencing the utmost comfort. The blouse will definitely steal all the looks at a festive or at a wedding occasion.

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15. The Green Deep Neck Blouse With Embroidery from The Back:

Deep neck blouse designs3

This back view of an embroidered green blouse looks so beautiful. The small white patterns done on the green base is so attractive that any woman will give in to and want to wear it. The small attachments on the lace of the blouse is very attractive and you will be able to sport it quite easily at any kind of festive event. The designer blouse will go hand in hand with a designer saree or even a plain saree.

Deep neck blouse designs as you can see gives you a different and a sexy appeal to the entire personality. There is no doubt that carrying this particular blouse design is not a cup of tea for everyone but then the effort is definitely worth it!