15 Pictures Of Deepika Padukone Without Makeup

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Cited as one of the most popular and attractive Indian celebrities, Deepika Padukone was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on 5th January, 1986. Prakash Padukone, her father is a former badminton player of international repute and her mother is a travel agent. Her younger sister, Anisha Padukone, is a golfer. Belonging to a sports related family, Deepika also plays various sports such as basketball, badminton and throw ball. She has also played baseball in few state level tournaments.

Though she has played badminton at national level championships as a teenager, she never considered sports as her career. While she concentrated on her sports career and her education, she also worked as child model. Later she took up fashion model as full time career and has been successful since then.


Deepika padukone began her acting career with a Kannada film, Aishwarya, and her Bollywood debut was with Om Shanti Om starring SRK. She has also won a Film fare Award for Best Female Debut. And she had a successful career since then and is now one of the highest paid actresses of Indian Cinema. Besides her acting career, Deepika has also written columns for an Indian newspaper, is a prominent celebrity endorser for various products and brands and participates in stage shows as well. Not only is her on-screen life makes headlines but so is her off-screen life.

Gorgeous Deepika Padukone Without Makeup Pictures:

Here’s a list of few images of Deepika Padukone without makeup that will make you more alluring.

1. On The Way To Temple:

Deepika Padukone without Makeup1

A typical Indian woman at heart, Deepika Padukone makes it a point to visit temples and other religious shrines as and when possible. In this picture you can see her in a white kurti and yellow and red dupatta and she looks simple and like the girl next door. In this picture she displays her natural face without any makeup.

2. The Simple Nerdy Look:

Deepika Padukone without Makeup2

While not shooting and performing, Deepika is just like any other girls of her age and dresses likewise. Even though she is only wearing T-shirt with glasses and no makeup, she still manages to look beautiful.

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3. The Hot Geek:

Deepika Padukone without Makeup3

Geek glasses are a trend nowadays. And this trendy celebrity knows how to make the geeky look hot as is seen in the picture. You can see the difference of the deepika padukone with and without makeup looks from the above pic.

4. That Beautiful Smile:

deepika padukone Without Makeup 4

Dresses in simple attire and glasses and no makeup on her face, Deepika looks gorgeous with her cute dimples and dashing smile.

5. The Girl Next Door:

deepika padukone Without Makeup5

Wearing a white t-shirt and tying her hair at the back while wearing no makeup, this diva sure knows how to look gorgeous even with her daily outlook.

6. Black Is The Color:

deepika padukone Without Makeup6

Black always looks young and hot on deepika padukone. Showing off her beautiful black jacket and top, Deepika looks dashing and as you can see that she is barely wearing any makeup but only lipstick. This is one of the beautiful photos of deepika padukone sans makeup.

7. Dressed In White:

deepika padukone Without Makeup7

This is a picture of Deepika Padukone where she is wearing a beautiful white salwar kameez and even with no make up on her face, she looks amazingly dashing. It is one of the deepika padukone without makeup pics in white dress.

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    She is the most beautiful woman!!

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    good article, deepika is soo cute…..