Top 13 Festivals of Delhi

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India’s multi cultural diversity can be seen in the multiple annual religious celebrations that affect Delhi society every year. This article lists the festivals that are specific to Delhi ONLY and are found nowhere else in India or the world.

Festivals of Delhi:

Here we enlisted some famous festivals of Delhi with pictures which definitely attracts you.

• Lohri – 13th Jan:


Lohri is the festival that marks the end of winter. The climax of this season is celebrated by Lohri, which involves bonfires, dancing and singing.

• Kite Flying Festival – Jan:

Kite Flying Festival Jan

This festival is held on the same day as Makar Sankranti. It is celebrated above Palika Bazaar, on the green lawns, and even in Connaught Place. This festival attracts an international audience.

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• Basant Panchami- 2nd Feb:

This is a Hindu festival that welcomes and celebrates spring after the harsh chill and biting winds of winter in the months of Jan and Feb. This is the only time that the Mughal gardens behind Rashtrapati Bhavan allow public visitors for a month.

• Thyagaraja Festival – Feb:

Thyagaraja Festival Feb

This festival involves displays of south Indian music and dance. It is celebrated opposite Jawaharlal Nehru University which is in Vaikunthnath temple.

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