Difference Between Love, Lust and Infatuation

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Admiring your mate, whether in a relationship, near or far is being human and but natural. Whereas, there are feelings which need some sorting to be done, and that could be a major challenge. No one knows how to understand emotions and feelings in a right way, but you yourself can draw the lines when it comes to that. Here are a few ways which we would like to share with you, hence please read on and be well-informed for the same.

How do you treat the other?

Do you treat him or her as an object of interest, as a human or as someone who’d be around only when you want them? Do you care for him or her knowing their drawbacks, and are committed to being with them, through thick and thin of times ahead? Are you very comfortable speaking about anything and everything with this person, even when you feel that the truth is so harsh that it can make or break the relationship between the two of you? Do you accept him or her as they are, and does he or she do the same?

You have got to make an evaluation on how secure the feeling with being with them is. This would then tell you if when a storm comes would your partner hold you tight and not let go. Such cases would also make you understand that this is love, not just infatuation or lust, and that the partner really wants to be with you all their life.

If you have been in a relationship with the person in question for sometime, sit back and without judgments, evaluate the journey so far. Can you imagine being without him or her? Do they feel the same for you as well?

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Sexually speaking:

You’ve just had sex with him or her how is the feeling post coitus? Close, closer, closest, indifference? Is there cuddling and affection post the act of sex? Do you see the flame in his or her eyes when they make love to you, or is it just meaningless random animalistic carnal desires being fulfilled in eleven minutes to achieve an orgasm? The latter is lust, the former is love, and infatuation thereby doesn’t exist.

Infatuation happens when you analyze the person through the eyes of puppy love. Maybe at one point in time you want to tell him or her of something that happened, an experience that shook you up or made you laugh, and you’d want their reactions on the same. Maybe you expect them to share with you their deep thoughts and desires, or yours with them, but you don’t know why you want all of that. This is where infatuation comes into play. In most cases, an infatuation also allows an individual to handle their inner demons and conflicts better. It makes an individual love themselves for who and what they are, and that instill confidence in them that they can now form strong bonds of love with the next, and in time get married to the confidante they chose, their better half.

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One cannot exactly make a demarcation between the three concepts. This is because they are intertwined at some point in life. Maybe it is relative and very individualistic, who knows until the experience comes about.

When you love someone, don’t expect the stars to dance. When you lust someone, don’t expect wild animalistic bedroom moves, and when you infatuate over someone’s presence, don’t be impatient. Let the body language speak, let the soul resonate its own song and let the heart do the talking. This is when a clear stance on the difference between lust, love and infatuation would come about.

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