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The world is filled with diversity. Right from eating habits to culture, hair and skin too, lifestyles and the way we look as well, everyone is different from the next. There are many research teams of repute that have done immense studies on the different hair types found across the globe. This is research that has taken scholars from one continent to another, studying varied hair types, their texture, colour, factors that made them so and the works. Hence please read on very carefully and learn more.

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What Makes Their Hair Different From Ours?

  • Ethnic origin
  • Age
  • Diet
  • Geography and culture
  • Products used

The range is wide and far to fathom or put in one box. We have people with tight curls to poker straight hair, dark haired men and women to light haired ones too. Shape and colour of the hair too makes a difference as well, so how does it happen?

a. You inherit your hair type from your parents, say experts. One can even take a look into the past and check where the ancestors originated from.

b. Some look at the race or combination of races that has happened since time immemorial. In the ancient days, human evolution has three basic groups or race in the world. In time, they spread out and branched across continents, and the world became a mixed group of people. Look at countries such as UK, USA and Asian countries, immigration has happened on a big scale in these countries, which is why you have people with so many hair types here.

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What Scientists Have to Say?

Researchers now say the human population has three types of hair, which is basic and have their origins to;

  • Asian roots
  • Caucasoid roots
  • African roots

The three types look very different from one another and remarkably so. However, when clinical research changed the types physically and through chemicals, the outcomes were different, with disastrous results that too.

Different Types Of  Hair:

1. The Asian Type:

Asian Type HAIR

Mostly this would be hair type from the east, such as Japan and China. Here the hair would be poker straight and mostly black.

2. The Caucasoid Type:

Experts call this type of hair the varied type of the three groups mentioned. In this day and age, Caucasoid hair is varied even though they all have originated from a single source of ancestordom.

The hair is different and varied for those in the north west of Europe to the many that stay in the lap of the Indian sub-continent. Here you would find hair which is straight, wavy and with large diameter differences too. Right from dark black to pale blondish hues, or completely white, and all the shades in the middle, the Caucasoid hair is a range with plenty of variations

The African Type:

African Type HAIR

As the name suggests, these would be people from Africa and with hair types that suit the climate of the land. Hair is curled and tight, black in most cases and woolly but dry. The use of chemicals and heat can easily damage this type of hair, say experts.

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Hair Structure And Variations:

It isn’t yet fully understood as to why hair types grow differently. Come are naturally wavy, some curly and the rest absolutely straight. There are many reasons as to why this happens and in varied stages of an individual’s lifetime too. Some may be born with straight hair, only to have curly hair naturally as they age. Blame thus goes on;

  • The keratin bundles in each shaft and the way they behave over time
  • Hair bulb position in the follicles
  • Growth of hair in the bulb, if irregular or not
  • Hair follicle shape
  • Twists per unit length

It is true to an extent that the keratin bundles in the hair of Caucasoid folks are a mix. You have some that possess wavy hair while others that have poker straight hair. Hence the proportions vary big time, and the hair shaft in most cases would be oval.

In the case of African hair, the twists are more as compared to the Asian quality. Here the oval hair shaft has defined edges. The cuticles of the hair are sharply poised around the edges too, and it is here where most of the damages happen in African hair.

With straight hair there is a chance of it turning wavy when moisture is in abundance in it. Wavy hair too can go all straight when water is thrown on it, check your wavy hair under a shower and you would see it for yourself. Why does this happen? This is because there are hydrogen bonds that break in large numbers. This is a temporary effect, and in no time the hydrogen bonds are restored, bringing the hair type back to its original shape and form.

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Let’s Talk About The Mixed Type:

Over the many years gone by, the three basic groups socialized and have cross-bred. Hence, now you find a mixed type of hair amongst the descendants, shape and colour wise.

When you look into the basics of the three groups spoken off, the hair type of Caucasoid people would be varied in looks, and the way their hair falls. Some have it poker straight from birth, some wavy and crinkly and others with large ringlets or curls.  Caucasoid folks with blonde hair usually have straight hair, say experts, and brunettes have the opposite.

So now that you have a little more idea on the various types of hair, which of the categories do you fall under? Take a good look at yourself, maybe this would also give you an impetus to go searching for your roots and legacy too.

Share with us your findings; we are eager to know more!!

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