50 Best Medium Length Hairstyles To Try Now

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Medium length hairstyles are currently a huge trend among women all over the globe. Medium hairstyles suit almost all kinds of face shapes. Here is a list of 50 best medium length hairstyles that you may try out:

Medium length hairstyles Main

Different Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Pictures:

1. Wavy Medium Hairstyle:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 1

This is a light wavy medium hairstyle. You may sport this hairstyle to a party or to your college. Try this with some smooth gloss serum for that extra shine. You can blow dry for extra fluffiness and volume.

2. Sleek Medium Hairstyle:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 2

You can try out a medium length bob hairstyle which is sleek. You can ask for straightened hair from a parlor. Try front bangs for that funkiness. This can be a good party hairstyle too. You can wear this hairstyle even to your office on a regular basis.

3. Shoulder Length Hairstyle With Shift Bangs:

You can try out different forms of bangs with your medium hairstyles. This for example has a side shifted bang which can be recreated with proper bow drying and curling. You can try out loose curls to fit this hairstyle.

4. Messy Curly Hairstyle For Medium Hair:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 4

Loose curls look very good on medium hairstyles. If your face is round or broad, try loose brushed out curls. You can go for moderate layers which will add more glam to the style. This is one of the best hairstyles for medium length hair.

5. Thick Bangs Medium Haircut:

This is a thick bangs medium hairstyle. You can try something like this if you have very thick hair. Not just for corporate world but even for parties, a hairstyle like this one can be good. You can go for graduated layers for the rest of the bangs.

6. Full Head Curly Hairstyles:

This is a medium curly hairstyle. As mentioned before, curly hairstyles look very good when your hair length is neither too long nor short. Try big curling irons or professional curling. Big loose curls can make a simple hairstyle into a party hairstyle.

7. Back Brushed End Curls:

If you want something that is decent and elegant, you can try end curls. Back brushing hair can limit people’s view to your top thinness. This can be good for matured women.

8. Graduated Sleek Hairstyles:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 8

This type of a graduated sleek hairstyle can be very good for parties. You can try this hairstyle to your college too. This will require maintenance and regular trimming. this is the best Medium Length Hairstyles.

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9. Messy Medium Hairstyle:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 9

This is another form of messy medium length hairstyle. The cut is simple with side bangs and feathered ends. You can try this hairstyle for almost all occasions. This can look sweet with your party dresses. It is one of the prefect medium length hairstyles for girls shiny hair.

10. Medium Hairstyle For Matured Women:

This is a sleek bangs hairstyle for elderly women. You can try hairstyles with lots of bangs and graduation if you want to cover some thinness. These hairstyles are good for working women or for women who like to stay in style.

11. Short Bangs Wavy Medium Hairstyle:

Premiere Of Warner Bros. "Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past" - Arrivals

You can try a hairstyle with graduated short bangs. These hairstyles are girly and look nice with almost all of your colourful clothes. You can wear these to a party with your favourite dress.

12. Medium African Coiled Hairstyle:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 12

You can try out african hairstyles too. These are only for the daring ones. Corn row hairstyles coupled with some African coils can be funky and fun.

13. Perfectly Graduated Hairstyles:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 13

You can try a stepped graduated hairstyle like the one above. These hairstyles are perfect for those having coarse and thick hair. You can turn this into a punk hairstyle with a dark eye makeup and light lips.

14. Thick Front Banged Medium Haircuts:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 14

A Thick medium hairstyle can be good if you have thick hair. You can try front thick bangs. You can also try sleek layers for the sides. Colouring the hair in your favourite tone can also be good. Bob style medium hairstyles make you look girly as well as a little boyish. Boyish haircuts are good for women who can carry them well. You can wear such hairstyles even to your office. Medium bob hairstyles can however make you sweat in summers because you cannot make a bun out of it. However it can be a good hairstyle for the winter months.

15. Coiled Locks Medium Hairstyle:

Taylor Swift

You can try loose curl locks for your hair. Going for a medium hairstyle like this can be fun and totally party style. You can go for platinum blondes for hair. Keep makeup light limited to a soft lip tint. You can highlight the eyes though. Try front bangs for added style. Make sure to have thick hair on top. If you do not have thick hair on top, then front bangs may fall flat and not look good. This is the wonderful medium length hairstyles.

16. Accessorized Loose Curls:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 16

You can try bridal hairstyles like this one. Medium hairstyles are actually very good for making bridal hairstyles. You can try accessorized looks like this one. Get hold of nice studded hair bands. Try professional parlors for best curling experience. You can use hair high lights in light gold for more glamour. Wear loose open hairstyles with all your evening gowns and short dresses.

17. Messy Loose Hairstyle:

If you are having medium length hair, then you can try messy hairstyles with ease. Too short hair is not perfect for messy hairstyles. Medium hair can be styled in a proper way to make it look messy. Messy hairstyles are a popular trend now. You can see how Julia Roberts here is sporting a nice messy hairstyle. Keep hair loose for that perfect wavy look. You can wear this look with blazers and have a nice winter getup.

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18. Sleek Graduated Middle Part:

You can try middle part looks if you have nice thick hair. A sleek graduated medium hairstyle like this one can be good for almost any of your traditional or modern get togethers. You can wear this with your shirts and jeans. You can also wear this with your party dresses. Sheer net dresses can go really good with these hairstyles. For traditional or homely occasions you can wear a Maangtika on the middle parting and tune this hairstyle with a chiffon or net Saree.

19. Funky Medium Bangs Hairstyle:

You can try a funky layered bangs hairstyle like this one. It is suitable younger women. You can add color to your bangs and layers. It will add more style and glamour to the hairstyle. Keep loose flowing bangs at the front.

20. Messy Small Curls Medium Hair:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 20

Raven has been a favourite girl of many kids. You can see how your favourite character here is sporting a fabulous curly medium hairstyle. You can try out small curls too for your medium length hair. Curly hair can go good with all your sweet dresses. You can try soft lip color with such a hairstyle. You can keep your eyes highlighted with curly hair. Try dark eye shadow tones to spice up a curly hairstyle. You can mess up a curly hairstyle with a little blowing. It can turn into a messed hairstyle. Messy hairstyles are very much in fashion right now. As such curly hairstyles are versatile.

21. Graduated Rolled Curly hair:

A proper parlor can give you nice hairstyles like this one. Rolled layered curls are always in. You can wear such a hairstyle with big chunky earrings. Short tube dresses go really good with such a hairstyle. Try soft fringy bangs and wear this hairstyle in a messy manner. Messy rolled wavy or curly hairstyles can be perfect for a party. For winter time these hairstyles can be just the hairstyle that you were waiting for.

22. Layered Medium Fringes:

Sexy fringe hairstyles work very good with medium length hair. Try one out and see the difference it brings to your look. You can wear this perfect medium length hairstyle for all type of traditional parties and night parties also.

23. Tight Curls Medium Hairstyle:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 23

Tight African style curls in coiled manner can be a proper medium hairstyle. You need to have head full of thick hair for this hairstyle. This can be a good hairstyle if you have elongated face shape. Actress Kangana Ranaut has been seen to be sporting head full of tight curls in her earlier days of career. However if you have a round face it’s best to avoid tight curls because it makes the face look even broader. The choice is yours after all curls look really nice almost in any way that they are sport.

24. Punk Medium hairstyle:

A punk medium hairstyle requires a professional touch without a doubt. You can try braided punk hairstyles with soft bangs pinned at one side. These hairstyles can be difficult to recreate but you can sport these to your fun parties. You can also wear these hairstyles to the discos or night clubs. You may try out these hairstyles with your shirts and blazers. Proper accessories can add more drama.

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25. Messy Medium Wet Hair Look:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 25

Wet hair look hairstyles can be created with wet hair gloss sprays. Wet looks are not just the thing for guys; girls can too go for wet messy hairstyles. These hairstyles can be fun to sport at discos and clubs. Try these hairstyles with shiny sequined dresses, tube tops and all that glittery party outfits that you have in your closet. To create messy hairstyles is easy with a blow dryer. You can curl up sections of hair and then mess them up with blow drying. Use gloss or hair shine spray to add more touch of glam and gloss to the hairstyle.

26. Colourful medium hairstyle:

Colourful medium hairstyles can be good for girls who like to party. You can try these hairstyles for your party or night clubs. Temporary hair colours can help you achieve a look like this one. You can curl up your hair or go for some layers and bangs to spice up the whole look. Use blow drying method for extra volume.

27. Curly Medium Bangs Hairstyle:

Roc Nation Pre-GRAMMY Brunch - Arrivals

You can try Rihanna style curly hair with bangs. Medium hair always provides a wide range of options to you for styling. As mentioned earlier, curly hair looks nice in almost any way they are sport. You can try out hairstyle like this one. Front long bangs can be curled up using small Velcro curlers and heat. You can add more spice to this hairstyle with some golden hair highlights. You can also go for full head hair color change. This depends on your personal taste and preference. You can make use of more volume to your hair with blow drying.

28. Sleek Front Bangs Hairstyle:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 28

Sleek bangs hairstyles in medium length can be good for everyday wear. These hairstyles go good for women with broad face. Sleek hairstyles make your face look less broad and more polished. You can try hairstyles like this for your parties too.

29. Medium Curly Hairstyle:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 29

A full head curly messy hairstyle can be good for those having frizzy hair. Frizzy hair is difficult to style but not for creating hairstyles like this. These types of hairstyles can be perfect for the ones fighting dry and frizzy hair each day. Try hairstyles like this and sport them with grace. You can wear hairstyles like this for parties or to evening gatherings. These can go well with elegant evening maxi gowns and look pretty and vintage.

30. Loose Teased Hairstyle:

You can create a teased loose medium hairstyle. It can be good for your parties or college. Young girls can sport messy teased hairstyles. These can be good as summer time hairstyles. You can make use of simple blow drying and double or triple toothed combs for styling and teasing purpose. Teased hair works very well with medium hairstyles for its perfect length. The teased portion will sit right on your shoulder to make you look very nice.

31. Feathered Medium Style:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 31

Since the feathered cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for medium hair nowadays. You can simply try this one which is very simple and you can in this just middle part or side part your hair and leave it like that. It is a low maintenance style which looks very smart and very pretty too.

32. Side Bang Blunt:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 32

This is another and one of the very easy hairstyles for medium hair and also another really fuss free hair style. It is better to have a silky hair texture for this one and straight hair is more suitable for this one. You have to keep the length such that you can even attempt a few styles in this one. This includes the side braid or simple pin up styles.

33. Sleek Bob Hair Cut:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 33

The best hair dressers in the world rightly say that medium hairstyles are the easiest to maintain and you can see it here. This sleek look suits the lady so nicely and she has a very fine quality hair too. The hairstyle is a combination of bob and blunt where the front portion of the hair is reaching the chin. This is the best medium length hairstyles for daily wise.

34. Simple Layered Curls:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 34

It is true that when we are talking about hairstyles for medium length hair we often include the layered cut as one of the styles only for straight hair. However as we can see in this one the layered cut can also be part of the curly hair list and look equally good.

35. Shoulder Length Curly And Messy Hairstyle:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 35

Messy hair looks just awesome anytime. This morning beauty shows off exactly how to look super sexy in that style. She is trying to follow a shoulder length hairstyle and she is looking hot as well. This is very casual and would suit a day out with friends really well.

36. Retro Messy Hair Styles:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 36

As we must have followed in the old movies that there was a completely different set of styles when it came to haircuts and hairstyle for medium hair and also long hair and we can nicely see it over here too. This messy look is in the retro style in which concentration is on the top of the head and not below.

37. Thick And Messy Hair Style:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 37

Yes she is beautiful and she knows that. Angelina Jolie in this picture shows how to be smoking hot in one of the easy hairstyles for medium hair. She has simply left all her hair open and what you can do is just let your hand go through it and twist it on one side like this.

38. Sweet Blonde Cut:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 38

Basically a 90’s style but is still very popular. Here we can see the celebrity Jennifer Aniston trying out this hairstyle and looking very pretty. This is just that the hair falls equally on both sides of the face and not in layers. You can also try a different parting for this.

39. Curly Bob Haircuts:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 39

This is the shortest one in the list and then looks messy too. This one hairstyle seems to tick all the lists and looks very pretty too. In this picture you can see how casual and yet so smart the hairstyle is. This hairstyle is very suitable for even the matured group of ladies.

40. Retro Bob Hair Cut:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 40

Bob cuts were common even decades back and it is still now. If you take a very good look at this hairstyle you will be able to see how this bob cut varies from the modern bob cuts and looks very sweet too. The length of the hair is slightly more and that is because they did not like taking risks at that time.

41. Flowy Tresses Medium Hairstyle:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 41

This hot hairstyle is where the tresses are flowing and left really in a simple way. This is just like cutting the ends of the hair in a feathered way and then leaving it just like that. As you can see in the picture the hair is simple middle parted and then let like that. The natural curls will do the rest of the talking.

42. Thin Hair Blunt:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 42

This is a very easy hairstyle for medium hair and is one of the most suitable for the women who have thin hair. This is because it is low on maintenance and thus you will not have to worry about more hair fall and besides it looks very sweet on any one. You can do styling with the length as well.

43. Cloudy Curls:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 43

The name is so interesting because this hairstyle is a perfect combination of bangs and curls and curls seem to take the second place happily here. The cloudy curls are only there at the ends of the length and this makes it look very pretty and simple.

44. Pixie With Bangs:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 44

There can be so many different versions of the pixie cut and then this is also one of them. This is certainly one of the safest lengths you can keep and that banged portion is a great idea for people with the round faces. It contacts the size of the face. This is one of the best hairstyles for medium hair women.

45. Frizzy Yet Pretty:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 45

It is always not necessary that frizzy hair needs to look very bad. Like in this picture it clearly shows how nice the hair texture of this woman is and she has loved to leave it that and natural. There is a certain charm of frizzy hair and this cannot be avoided in any case. This is one of the latest and modern medium length hairstyles.

46. Casual Fishtail:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 46

When you have medium length hair and you simply do not know what else to do when you are going for a date, this is like the savour in disguise. What you have to do is simple side part your hair from the front and then start with a fishtail braid and then leave it over the shoulders for a casual and pretty picture.

47. Simple Pony Tail:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 47

The pony tail and the versions of it can never go wrong no matter what length your hair is of. Just pull all your hair up and tie into a simple pony tail and then see the magic. You can all divide the pony tail into two halves and then twist to make a bun.

48. Medium Length Side Bun:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 48

Do not worry that you don’t have long hair when you have to dress up for a party because you can look equally gorgeous too. This classic side bun is one of the best suitable for the parties. Take hair to one side and then tie a loose bun. Do not forget teasing it for a softer look of course.

49. Highlighted Medium Hair:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 49

This is simply when you are bored of your hairstyle and want to try some new experiments and also when you cannot decide on a hair cut. You can just take colours of your choice and highlight your hair for a safer look. You can also try these pop colours for a difference.

50. Rugged Look:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 50

This is for the girls who know how to do it in style. This is a rock chic look with the pixie bob and all the spikes you see there. It looks like an irregular hairstyle for many but for the ones who know how to carry it, it looks good.

Medium length hair is the best part. You do not need more time to maintain and you get to do more styling options too. You can next try any or all of these easy hairstyles for medium hair and look prettier the next time.