50 Best Medium Length Hairstyles To Try Now

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Medium length hairstyles are currently a huge trend among women all over the globe. Medium hairstyles suit almost all kinds of face shapes. Here is a list of 50 best medium length hairstyles that you may try out:

Medium length hairstyles Main

Different Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Pictures:

1. Wavy Medium Hairstyle:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 1

This is a light wavy medium hairstyle. You may sport this hairstyle to a party or to your college. Try this with some smooth gloss serum for that extra shine. You can blow dry for extra fluffiness and volume.

2. Sleek Medium Hairstyle:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 2

You can try out a medium length bob hairstyle which is sleek. You can ask for straightened hair from a parlor. Try front bangs for that funkiness. This can be a good party hairstyle too. You can wear this hairstyle even to your office on a regular basis.

3. Shoulder Length Hairstyle With Shift Bangs:

You can try out different forms of bangs with your medium hairstyles. This for example has a side shifted bang which can be recreated with proper bow drying and curling. You can try out loose curls to fit this hairstyle.

4. Messy Curly Hairstyle For Medium Hair:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 4

Loose curls look very good on medium hairstyles. If your face is round or broad, try loose brushed out curls. You can go for moderate layers which will add more glam to the style. This is one of the best hairstyles for medium length hair.

5. Thick Bangs Medium Haircut:

This is a thick bangs medium hairstyle. You can try something like this if you have very thick hair. Not just for corporate world but even for parties, a hairstyle like this one can be good. You can go for graduated layers for the rest of the bangs.

6. Full Head Curly Hairstyles:

This is a medium curly hairstyle. As mentioned before, curly hairstyles look very good when your hair length is neither too long nor short. Try big curling irons or professional curling. Big loose curls can make a simple hairstyle into a party hairstyle.

7. Back Brushed End Curls:

If you want something that is decent and elegant, you can try end curls. Back brushing hair can limit people’s view to your top thinness. This can be good for matured women.

8. Graduated Sleek Hairstyles:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 8

This type of a graduated sleek hairstyle can be very good for parties. You can try this hairstyle to your college too. This will require maintenance and regular trimming. this is the best Medium Length Hairstyles.

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9. Messy Medium Hairstyle:

Different Medium Length Hairstyles 9

This is another form of messy medium length hairstyle. The cut is simple with side bangs and feathered ends. You can try this hairstyle for almost all occasions. This can look sweet with your party dresses. It is one of the prefect medium length hairstyles for girls shiny hair.

10. Medium Hairstyle For Matured Women:

This is a sleek bangs hairstyle for elderly women. You can try hairstyles with lots of bangs and graduation if you want to cover some thinness. These hairstyles are good for working women or for women who like to stay in style.

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